Braxton Hicks?

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lucy1 Posts: 109
HI Ladies, Just looking for some info- I'm wondering was I getting braxton hicks this evening, not sure what they feel like! It was like my tummy became very hard at the front and lasted around 2 minutes. It wasn't sore or uncomfortable at all, just felt weird. Do you think this could be braxton hicks or something else altogether? Thanks!! :wv
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
sounds like it could be bh. You can get them with or without pains.
Fairywings Posts: 360
Sounds like it but I know when I got them on my 1st pregnancy, they cld last bout 30-45 mins. I remember my stomach used to just tense up and go all hard and then soften after bout 20 seconds and it used to come bout every 5 mins for the time period. Its gas though, when the real labour pains start, they do feel different so don't panic, you'll know when the time is right.