Braxton Hicks

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minibride Posts: 74
Girls - just wondering if everyone in the third trimester is experiencing these? I'm 34 weeks and dont appear to have them. Are you defo meant to get them?? Maybe I have a really lazy uterus!!
chilledout Posts: 834
My sister never got them, whereas I get them all the time. Don't think it means anything. She was 6 hours in labour on her first so it wasn't as if it meant her uterus was lazy. You might be having them and just not feel them. My belly just goes really hard for a few minutes, its not sore at all, whereas some women get a pain with them.
irish bride Posts: 558
Yep I'm with chilledout, my friend is due this Sun and only started getting the BH 2 weeks ago for the first time - and totally painless. She can just feel her stomach hardening every so often but feels no discomfort with it. I am due in 4 weeks and get the painful BH and have been getting them since the second trimester -suppose everyone is just different!
jen2 Posts: 3106
Minibride I agree with the other girls. Dont worry about it. I got them more on my first child then I did on the second. Every pregnancy is different. So is everyones body. Be happy your not getting painful BH. God ur real close to having your baby. Hope it all goes well. Enjoy every bit of it. Best of luck Jen2
bree Posts: 1880
hi mini - i have noticed a few but not particularly that noticeable..just rock hard tense bump really....
minibride Posts: 74
Thanks Girls - puts my mind at ease a bit - more concerned now that baby was breach at the last consultants visit I had - so have another on Monday and we'll see what the story is!! Good luck to anyone due in the next couple of weeks - cant believe its gone so fast and only have about 5 wks left!!!
charli Posts: 5994
hiya, i never had them (or not that i knew of) nothing to worry about xx
Ducky Posts: 2506
I've had them since early on. Usually it's just the bump going hard and tightening but sometimes I get a wave of cramp radiating out from belly button. Other times, it rips across my lower belly. Last night, I had one that was very sore, but usually they are just a bit uncomfortable.