Brdal shop hell with 3 weeks to my wedding!!! IT'S SORTED

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Wait til you hear this.... I bought my wedding dress last august. Fell in love with it but it was a size too small. The girl said not to worry she can but a lace up back in it. I thought perfect. Tried it on last February and the zip wasnt far from closing and i was delighted. That particular day the shop was all closed up and i though i had the wrong time but she was a half an hour late and apologised profusely. The dress is paid off in full since February and i just didnt want to take it out trusting her wholeheartedly. Had my final dress fitting on wednesday. Made the appointment back on the 6th which is only 12 days previous. I told her i'd need the lace up back and was 3 weeks ok and she said yeah, loads. Myself, my mam and my BM waited around for over 3 hours on wednesday. Shop closed, lights off, phone ringing out and i left loads of messages. Was in tears and felt so left down. I took time off work to go home as i live in Dublin. I've left loads of messages since and am still waiting on a phone call back. My dad did a little research at work and apparently she is involved in the performing arts and there is a big musical thing going on the the Theartre Royal that she is starring in or directing. I'm furious. Not wanting to come back to dublin without a dress and without being fitted for a dress I bought another one yesterday. I'm down a lot of money with no dress to show for it. Don't know if i can get my money back . The other dress is useless to me as it doesnt fit, i wont be able to sell it for next nor near what i bought it for and even if she does get back i cant get home between now and the wedding. Girls I really need some advice.
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
cant really help you but you should prob contact a solicitor
MrsAH Posts: 3715
Em, try the National Consumer Agency also. Best of luck with it.
lush11 Posts: 2877
Oh its a nightmare. Worst few days of my life. Consumer association are closed until monday at 10am so not a lot i can do at the weekend. There has been a lot of tears, stress and panic. Never banked on something like this happening.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Could you go to the theatre before the show starts to hunt her down maybe?
gettingmarried12 Posts: 301
To be honest I am confused. The shop was closed but she hasn't gone away- maybe she got mixed up on her dates or something - very unprofessional but it happens. You really need to contact her as the dress needs lace attached and couldn't so you bought a new dress... If I am wrong pls say.... I think you will get your money back as follows; Firstly let her come to you. She is closed and she does not know that you have anothre dress yet. If she misses the date by being closed (or its too late for alterations) you have a clear cut case. When she does come to you- say too late - I had to minimise my loss and buy a new dress. I am not taking the old dress - I want a refund. (you said you paid in Feb. Did you pay by credit card? If so - and you are still within six months reverse the payment - ring your bank to do this). If she won;t give you a full refund automatically- Pick up the first dress and put it to the back of your mind for now- enjoy your wedding and afterwards write to her and demand that she takes the dress back by a certain date for full refund or you will sell it and seek the balance of the money from her. Also tell her that you intend to go to local press as it was most unsatisfactory service and no other bride should go through it. If she is involved in a musical / the arts she especially won't like bad press stating that whilst she was in the show the porr brides were left to fend for themselves blah blah.Then if there is no response - sell the dress and sue her for the rest. She will settle.... or she runs the risk of looking totally incompetetnt and a fool. Good luck
Twirl Posts: 5598
[quote="Lusk10":2b52k8du]Oh its a nightmare. Worst few days of my life. Consumer association are closed until monday at 10am so not a lot i can do at the weekend. There has been a lot of tears, stress and panic. Never banked on something like this happening.[/quote:2b52k8du] :action32 oh you poor thing, i understand the crying and panic and distress i would be the same. She should have rang you back at this stage. When is your wedding?
dragonbride Posts: 447
[quote="fmh62":1npqpu5b]Could you go to the theatre before the show starts to hunt her down maybe?[/quote:1npqpu5b] I am thinking along these lines too. If i were you I would go to wherever this play is on and speak to her and tell her you want your dress. It could be a simple misunderstanding- im sure you will know when you speak to her, just go on your gut feeling. If she apologizes and says she'll have it for you by such a date i would tell her I wanted it sooner as you are already XX days behind. I would give her 2 days! If you dont trust her or dont think you can rely on her then I would get the dress from her if i could and get the lace up back put in yourself- there are loads of places in Dublin city centre that could do this. However, If she has done a runner or you speak to her and she is trying to pull some kind of fast one on you/she wont give you your dress then i would tell her I was going to ring the paper and or Joe Duffy and let them know what kind of rubbish she is playing at and her career in dressmaking/theathre would be greatly tarnished. I would get in contact with the Theatre asap though.
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
im telling you one thing- id be marching into that performing arts place saying- "i paid you in full, my wedding is in 3 wks- i dont need this crap- its common courtesy to contact your customers especially when theres an appt scheduled!, please return my calls etc and dont leave until you get an answer- it may be "just a business" to her but its the biggest day of your life!!
Twirl Posts: 5598
Sorry didnt cop your wedding is in 3 weeks, well i would be stalking the girl at this stage and knowing me i would be leaving messages the whole time. I tell you what i would do, i would let people know about her too, its not right to be treated like that.