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rockie Posts: 50
hi all was just wondering has anyone had a baby that was breach and then turned again before delivery, had my hospital appt this morning, am currently 36+2 wks, since I was 28 wks I've been told by both my GP and hospital drs that baby's head was down, even up to a wk ago although not engaged, anyway this morning the registrar in the hospital told me that baby had turned and was now breach, bottom down and head up, which might explain the excruciating lower backpain I've had since last wk. Now she told me that baby could turn again but I feel terrified as with my DS my waters broke at 36+3 and they've already told me I could go early again, they're bringing me back in 2 wks, have my GP visit next wk but she told me I'll need a section If baby hasn't turned, so wondering if I'll be kept in after that appointment if baby hasn't turned, so fed up with the thought of not being able to drive (live very rural with no family nearby), also getting fed up with this weather as some family were due to come here this wkend but can't now travel so have a friend on standby if anything happens over the next while. Anyway I'm sure it'll be fine, just having a mini meltdown cos was so not expecting to be told that this morning but as long as babs is fine I don't mind what way it comes out really!! thanks for reading Rockie
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
Hi , I thought I replied to this thread yesterday but i must have not submitted or something. Just to Say my dd turned at 37+ weeks using moxa sticks I got from my accupuncturist. I was due to be kept in hospital incase my water went but the moxa saved me from that. My dd3 was born naturally at 40+6. good luck