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MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Hi ladies, had hospital appointment yesterday and was told babs is [b:1is0kmis]STILL[/b:1is0kmis] breach - needless to say this was a shock to hear the word [u:1is0kmis]'STILL' [/u:1is0kmis]as they hadn't mentioned it before.... but apparenetly yes it's been breach at every visit!!! So are there any tips to encourage the little mite to turn round???? Also she told me the weight is about 3lb 4ozs now - is that good? Thanks in advance for all your replies Love MTW xoxoxo
novice1 Posts: 276
The baby still has plenty of time to turn. My friends baby turned at around 32 or 33 weeks. You can also sus out acupuncture this can help the baby to turn!!!
jamie1 Posts: 94
Hiya, there's plenty of time before you need to worry about the baby's position. Fingers crossed it'll turn of its own accord. My little one is breech too (at 35 weeks) and at my midwives appt yesterday she said they don't start to worry about it untill after 34-36 weeks because the baby is very likely to turn head down before that. If mine doesn't turn in the next week, they'll send me for an ECV (external cephalic version) - where the consultant tries to manually turn the baby from the outside. Sounds uncomfortable, but they have a pretty high sucess rate. Good luck *)
under construction Posts: 3458
My son was breech (but only found out when i went into labour so had to have a section), they thought he had been head down from 29 weeks. But i have heard of something called moxibustion - where they burned little sticks over your little toe and this is meant to turn baby (saw it on Portland babies), also heard that if you get down on all fours and rock / scrub floor like action this is supposed to help. Not sure how true these are as i never got to try, but i had a section and it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought, i was up walking around the following day.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
They say if you go down on your hands and knees each day and rock you hips that the baby will turn this way.
TracyD Posts: 750
It's normal for your baby to be breech at this stage. They have so much room to change position and flip up and down - it's definitely not something to be concerned about. It only becomes an issue after 35 - 36 weeks when your baby is larger and more 'snug' in it's position. Only around 5% of babies will stay breech at that point and even then there's lots you can do. For now - relax and enjoy your pregnancy ! Tracy
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi MTW, My little madam is breech at the moment - with no sign of her budging! I got a birth ball and have been sitting on that for an hour or so in the evenings watching tv. Its supposed to help. I personally don't like the idea of the hospital manually turning the baby and if they suggest it I'll turn them down. Think I've been doing too much googling! My next hospital appt is Monday week so I'll let you know what happens after that... Best of luck. :wv