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Rory1 Posts: 1
Hi everyone, Just newly engaged but wondering has anyone any feedback on breaffy house as a wedding venue looks beautiful just wondering about food service etc hoping for June 2019 would love to here any feedback
webcrest Posts: 38
I think the house dates back to early 1880 and is a perfect house base if you want to relaxing breaks in Mayo. Also on the grounds, the Breaffy Woods Hotel is more modern in design, Apart this hire a professional [url=]photographer[/url:1qaswv0r] that capture your adorable moment in pre shots albums
Caca83 Posts: 26
Hi Rory, I have been to 2 weddings here. It is a beautiful building and looks great in the photos. Can't complain about any aspect of either wedding. At the time I was not engaged so took no notice of all the little details! Food was good, service was good. Rooms were pricey so on one occasion we stayed in a B & B down the road. Best thing to do is visit the place, you'll get a feel for it then.
denlo Posts: 124
We've photographed a few weddings there and couldn't fault it. Lovely grounds, great staff and great food.