breakfast ideas for 8 mth old with allergies

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expecting no3 Posts: 623
Hey, my 8 mth old is allergic to milk, dairy and eggs so breakfast time is proving somewhat difficult. I give him toast, fruit and the odd morning beans just for variety. Im breastfeeding him but I can't seem to express enough to make a bowl of readybrek or porridge. Its kind of all new to me as my other babies never had eczema or allergies so was hoping maybe someone would have some ideas. Thanks in advance
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
What about making porridge with water? You could microwave it with blueberries and other fruits to jazz it up a bit.
expecting no3 Posts: 623
U know I never even thought of that. I've always just made it with milk so dismissed it as another can't eat that! Thanks will try that.
mamime Posts: 791
At 8 months my daughter ate a bowl of dry krispies or cherrios at breakfast time as well as her weetabix with milk. She also ate breakfast biscuits/crackers. How about some sausage skinned and cut into small pieces? Or sometimes i would grill tomato. Just depends on how good they are at chewing and what teeth are in at that stage! Also there are always some good recommendations online if you want to get cooking ;) like dairy free pancakes, make your own potato waffles or french toast made with chick pea flour and soy milk. Have fun! :) ... st-dishes/
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Great thanks for that mamime. Im useless with google. He's grand at chewing although he has no teeth thankfully with the bf :) Some lovely ideas there thanks again