breakout on forehead. Result of alcohol?

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windycity Posts: 2241
anyone Else have good skin generally, break out on the forehead? they look awful... especially seems how Im 28... :o(
joer Posts: 1617
if you have a fringe, that could be causing them? try drink plenty of water and smother them in sudocreme when going to bed, I get them on my chin and they drive me bonkers, normally, my skin is very clear
bunny12 Posts: 16
Yes i usually always have great skin i must say on my face and a few months ago started get these little white spots. Down to stress really so i just made sure i cleanse, tone and moisturise my face each night and that has helped. I also took time out to chill out and relax.
Sheep Posts: 626
Dubsey, I'm 28 too and still break out in spots. I've noticed that it's definitely worse after a night out, especially if I've been drinking lager!
mooky Posts: 1501
hi dubsey i always had great skin and two years ago i started getting little red bumps on my forehead... never went away, so i went to a dermatologist 2 months ago who diagnosed it as seberroheic dermatitis.. basically i wasnt scrubbing my scalp properly when shampooing, so i'm no using Neutrogena now and scrubbing my scalp to bits and using La Roche Posay Pityval (only available on internet), and my forehead has totally cleared up. Might not be what you have, but just thought i'd pass it on anyway. *)
sparkledust Posts: 50
I get the white spots too under my eyes, around the top of my cheeks. It's to do with stress. I've stopped stressing in the last three weeks, both at work and about the wedding and they've just gone away my skin is gone back to silky smooth now. Try to smile lots during the day! It helped me and it might sound corny, but I caught myself walking through town with a large frown on my face and realized I always frown when I'm thinking to myself. So Now I look like an eejit smiling all the time but think it may have helped my skin too. I feel much happier now too that I've not more white heads!!!