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tassajara Posts: 723
Ladies, how often do you check your breasts? Obviously my recent breast infection has made very aware that I need to be far more breast aware and should be checking every month. However in the meanwhile, I was referred to the Breast Clinic in CUH for a checkup to find the cause of the initial infection. It turns out I have two lumps near the initial infection which they are pretty sure are benign tumours- fibroadenomas. Either way, they were biopsied and I should get the all clear next week. Finger crossed and all that... Lesson learned to check far more frequently anyway! How often do you check, or like me, do you keep meaning to do it and then forget?
StarLilly Posts: 684
Every month, I had a fibroadenoma removed three years ago when I was 24, had biopsy and needed surgery to have it removed. No history of breast cancer in my family but that incident made me cautious. Good luck with your results but most likely nothing to worry about!
lilytiger Posts: 536
With an aunt who sadly passed away in 1997, a mother who had a mastectomy in 1999 and a sister who's had a lump biopsied and diagnosed as having "lumpy" breasts, I'd be quite vigilant about checking, have a good feel of myself most weeks and am always on the lookout for anything different about my breasts. Best of luck with your results, it'a so nerve wrecking waiting on results...
mamasarus Posts: 831
There should be an option of more than monthly. Breasts can and do change throughout the month. You should know what's normal for you. And get anything that doesn't seem normal checked. Ignorance in this case isn't bliss.