Breast feeding and drinking and diet ?

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Finished here Posts: 2860
Hey everyone, I really really want to breastfeed but got to thinking lately - do you have to stick to the same diet while breastfeeding i.e. no processed foods, unpasturised food, undercooked meats etc ???? And also should you stick to a no alcohol diet while you BF unless you express, surely even a glass of wine when you are bf'ing would go straight into your system and therfore babies system ?? Just curious ?? It wouldn't really matter to me if i had to stay as rigid if i can give my little man the best start in life :lvs
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
You can eat whatever you want. I stayed off caffeine as I didn't want him hoping off the walls. Of course you can have a glass of wine. Breast milk is far more filtered than amniotic fluid. I even had two glasses sometimes when they get a little older they stretch at night so you might have a few hours off and you could have your glasses of wine as soon as you feed and then have some water if you're worried. It is an amazing experience and I miss it. Oh and at the start there may be some foods that the baby won't like when D S was tiny he would vomit if I had tomatoes. But that passed aswell.
silíní Posts: 4219
Agree with everything DQ said! At the beginning i did avoid things like cabbage that made her windy, but i certainly would have a glass of wine in the evenings!!!
neeov Posts: 4256
I'd still keep some restrictions on drinking i.e. no big binges. It would be a good idea to keep the same restrictions on fish and nut products. As far as I know listeria is no longer a problem so you can eat unpasteurized food and undercooked meat without risking bay, You may get sick though....
RJR Posts: 962
I second everything DQ says, I'm still bf 9 months on and eating everything (except nuts, but only because I have some potentially fatal allergies). Haven't had any drink binges but would enjoy a glass of wine once DD is in bed. Fish is fine, basically if you don't have any serious allergies yourself and babs doesn't show an aversion to anything you eat you can carry on as normal. I even fed DD while I had the winter vomiting bug (she'd had it already and passed it on to me) and through two colds (which she didn't get, she must have picked up my antibodies) In fact, at the moment I'm having to eat eat eat as I've lost a little too much weight with the BF and am currently eating everything around me to try and put a bit back on. Just heading downstairs for a nice cup of tea and some fresh baked cookies!
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thanks a million Girls, Thats really great to know - i just got to thinking about it the other day and thought the food restrictions would have to be the same for safety ! Its also great to know you can have the odd glass of wine. I love my wine but have decided not to drink at all during the pregnancy - i think DH finds it harder than i do thou :o0 he misses having a buddy or an excuse in the evening :o0 not sure which !!