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Elegance Posts: 2848
Hi Girls I intend to breast feed (or at least will give it my very best shot) and I wondered what do i need in order to get started? I've been reading from a lot of you guys on other posts that there is no need to buy a pump until a few weeks into breastfeeding, as you are not supposed to pump until this correct? but what about bottles? should i have some bottles bought? or formula in case milk doesnt come through? anything else i need to get in order to get up and running for bf'g? I have breast pads, nursing pillow and have lanisoh cream on my shopping list, as well as nursing bras and tops...... anything else? Thanks in advance girls
milis Posts: 7998
You might want to get some breast shields too! I only used them a couple of times, but was delighted to have them when I needed them. No point buying bottles til you need them. There are 2 bottles with the avent steriliser anyway, so they'd do you if you were stuck! I presume other brands are the same. It's up to yourself whether you buy formula or not. I bought 3 ready made cartons, that would get me through an emergency, and they're still in the press. They were more for reassurance than anything else, I'm glad they were there, even though I didn't use them! Remember, your milk may not come in til day 7, but baby will be getting enough nourishment from colostrum, so that doesn't mean you have to suppliment with formula! ETA: I didn't get a pump for a few weeks for a few reasons. 1. they're very expensive, and it would have been a lot of money wasted if bf'ing didn't work out. 2. you don't get much out with a pump for the first while, and I was afraid I'd panic myself that my supply was low, or someone would worry me into thinking it was low and I'd end up a nervous wreck! 3. I really didn't need it. I wasn't going anywhere without the baby, so I was able to just feed her when she needed it!
petunia Posts: 1626
Hi Elegance :wv I got some bottles & steriliser beforehand as had intended combining breast & bottle so might be no harm having a small supply of formula too in the back of the press for when you get home just in case you find yourselves stuck in the middle of the night and bf'ing isnt working for any reason - not that it wont work for you but I just wanted it for peace of mind. I also picked up a cheap manual pump & kept the receipt so I could take it back if I didnt use it - I did & still do every day!! We were in hospital for 6 days and in that time I used a hospital pump as i got into trouble with the nipples ;o( and was determined to get the milk into her one way or another! Oh that lansinoh - its great stuff You probably have thought of this but I found nighties with nursing tops on them very handy especially in the early days in hospital just my tuppence worth! Best of luck!
Elegance Posts: 2848
petunia and milis, thanks a mill girls, thats great advice. i'll have to add breast shields to my list milis, thanks again. and i'll defo take both your advice and get some formula in, just in case.... Thanks again girls. :thnk
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hey Elegance hope you and bump are well! The ideal with BF would be not to buy any bottles or formula and just concentrate on feeding feeding feeding and getting the supply up. Unfortunately that didn't work for me and we had to supplement on doctor's orders (hopsital put huge pressure on us to supplement...wouldn't necessary go down that route so quickly next time but sin scéal eile). Anyway if you do have to use formula I'd recommend the Tomee Tipee bottles as my guy was able to use them and go back to the breast no problem. And we have the matching sterilizer. But hopefully you won't need to - as I say the ideal is to BF exclusively for the first while to get the supply up. I did pump from very early on but again that was because of my specific difficulties. Best of luck! It's getting near!
Elegance Posts: 2848
oh thanks miranda... thats a great help. i'll defo get a couple of the tomme tipee bf bottles in..... how are you and baby getting on? 3 months already!!!
baby2008 Posts: 1254
Hi elegance, I have the tommy tippee bottles and steriliser even though I had planned to breastfeed. (tip: TK maxx always have great deals on these). So far breastfeeding is going well and I was advised not to express until a few weeks after babs is born but I started expressing a week after he was born - mainly to help increase my milk supply but also so my hubby could help me out with feeds and it also gave me some freedom so I could pop out to the shops etc for errands. I wouldn't be confident yet breastfeeding in public so I have found expressing to be brilliant. Also, its great to have babs used to a bottle as well as Im not sure how long Im going to breastfeed for.
Mammy101 Posts: 446
Hi Elegance. Like you, I'm really going to give BF a go... but I'm worried about having troubles with it... or just being totally knackered by it! I've done some research, and decided to buy BREASTFLOW bottles, which you can purchase from Mothercare for 19.99 (3 bottles), as a back-up. These bottles are apparently very good in allowing you to switch between breast and bottle without affecting baby (apparently baby uses a different sucking method when on the breast in comparison to bottle) - this bottle basically simulates a breast. Basically by having a few bottles at hand, if I'm totally overwhelmed, I can throw some formula into them (but I'm hoping it won't come to that - but better to be safe than sorry!). I'm also thinking of buying an Avent pump from Amazon (19.99 GBP) and some milk storage containers - so that if I'm worn out with feeds, at least DH will be able to help!
Elegance Posts: 2848
baby2008, thanks for the tip on tkmax... theres one close by me, so i'll go check it out ..... i've been thinking about bf'g in public myself... was saying to dh not sure how i'll cope with that. i'm quite shy with stuff like that. totally doesn't offend me when i see others doing it - hopefully i'll get over my shyness when the time comes! i'm already sweating buckets thinking about my bits being on display in labour! my friends think its hilarious... reckon with the pain that i'll be in, i won't care whats on show! i'm sure they are right! olshue, thanks a mill with the tip on breastflow bottles... thats exactly what i'm looking for - a bottle that can be used if necessary without disrupting bf'g..... thanks again girls... learning a lot here! :thnk
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I bought the Medela Swing pump before DS was born, used it from when he was 1 week old (I had a great supply). Used the Medela bottles for about the 1st 6 weeks for EBM & formula top ups at 11pm which DH gave so I could sleep. I'd bought an Avent steriliser & tried DS on the Avent bottles when the Medela ones got too small for his feeds but he wouldn't touch them at all. Roared every time he started to suck on it. Changed to TT Closer to Nature bottles then & DS took to them no problem. Ended up having to get a TT steriliser as I could only fit 4 TT bottles in the Avent steriliser. The Avent steriliser & all the unused bottles are in the attic now! Stopped BF at 13 weeks & DS still gets one TT bottle going to bed at night so I've gotten my money's worth out of TT & would def recommend them for combined feeding.