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twinklegirl Posts: 716
Hi girls I would like to ask some questions and get some answers as I cant seem to find them anywhere on the net.I would like to breastfeed but some things I am unsure of . When you start breast feeding can you express at the start so that they get used to bottle and breast? The reason I am asking is so dh can be involved and I guess I am really a shy person .I can never imagine breastfeding in public or in front of anyone.I hope I do not get slated for saying that. Also when you want to finish breastfeeding how do you stop it , without getting really painfull breasts? Thanks :thnk
sinion Posts: 6050
everywhere I've read says not to start expressing until at least 3 weeks but i've heard more and more stories of woman successfully expressing from much earlier than that. My cousin told me the other day about her friend who's baby was on the boob non-stop from the word go, purely for comfort. After 2 days she thought she had to do something or else she'd end up giving up, so she started expressing and doing breast feeds during the day and bottle feeds at night. Her baby is now about 6 months old and still on that routine, but it means that she's free to head off if she wants to. I really don't know all that much and have no experience so would love to hear more.
chicam Posts: 1169
I'm the same, not keen on the whole breast-feeding in public thing & not sure I could last the 4 weeks they say to before you begin expressing. I was planning on having bottles bought as well as the steriliser etc etc anyway so that if after a couple of days I want to express then I will. Even if that's not the way to do it! I also want DH to be involved & I don't see how that can be possible if I'm not expressing!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi girls, just popped over from Mums and Kids and saw this. I'm feeding out LO who's almost 5 months. There's a gang of BFing Moms over there who would be happy to help answer your questions. DO GET BABY TO DRINK FROM BOTTLE!!! more later.. Nobody would judge you for not being comfortable feeding in public IMO! It's a very personal choice. check out online for great BFing clothes though. People do recommend that you don't pump for the first few weeks, mainly to allow your supply to be established based on babies needs. Pumping can cause over supply leading to problems with baby feeding such as the flow being too fast for them to swallow and can lead to baby discomfort. Having said that I pumped from the first week I think and didn't have any major problems from it. Our LO used to take a bottle once a day or so but we stopped for a couple of weeks and he won't go back on a bottle since. It's a really common problem and a nightmare to get BF baby onto a bottle. So don't run into that problem. Check out if you have a local support group too, which can be really helpful. weaning - take it slow, dropping one feed every few days - see ... g/weaning/ And check out for lots of BFing info. Sorry, LO awake, gotta run. Good luck!!
twinklegirl Posts: 716
Thanks for replies if anyone else has more sugguestions please post
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Sleep monster more or less covered it. I never thought I would feed in public. Huge prude, but when DS is screaming it's neccessary. Nursing clothes really help to be descreet. I now feed in front of some family and friends but not the ones that I think would be uncomfortable. I expressed from around week 3 I think. TBH when they are so small and feed so often you would have barely expressed and they are hungry again. We have a b feeding thread over in Moms and Kids that is very helpfull. Best of luck.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Forgot to say that in the hospital is make or break. DS would not latch on and I had to use nipple shields to help him for around a week but do stick with it by day 10 it'll be far easier.
beaker Posts: 379
If for some reason you have to start on a bottle can you then switch to breastfeeding?
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Beaker, yes it is possible. Not sure what circumstances you are referring to, but women can "re-lactate" if they haven't been able to feed initially. Amazingly adoptive mothers can even induce lactation!!! But I would suggest that you pump to stimulate supply initially if for some reason you can't nurse your baby and then you could start nursing when you're ready. You may have problems with baby latching on if he/she is used to a bottle.. To be honest, unless there was some medical reason to not nurse straight after birth I wouldn't go there. Good luck!
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
well DS got formula twice in hospital the nurses insisted but I kept putting him on the boob anyway >:o) Your milk doesn't come in for a few days anyway. You could always express to keep the milk supply up or just pump and give LO breast milk in bottles.