Breast feeding or bottle feeding?

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ellise Posts: 26
Would love to know what everybody is thinking of doing or what they have done in the past. I'm still not sure what to do, I know breast is best but you do have to feed for very long times, can be quite hard to get the hang of in the beginning and my partner would also love to feed. Also we live in a different county to both of our families and I would love for them to be able to visit without me sitting upstairs breastfeeding for most of their visit. I suppose I'm just looking for some individual stories to help me with my decision! Thanks! :)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I plan on breastfeeding. When you say you'd breastfeed in a different room, do you think that will be necessary? We had visitors over Christmas and the mum was feeding her 6 month old in our sitting room with us there, same as she would whip out a bottle. You can be very discreet doing it with the right tops and bras etc. I obviously won't know how I feel until baby comes but I don't think I'd feel the need to leave a room when feeding my child, its not like my boobs will be hanging out or anything. My mum feed my brother around us, even in public like when we were in a shopping center, so I don't see it as a big deal.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I will certainly give it a go but i know it doesnt always work out the way you had planned so i will prepare myself for both. A friend who recently had a baby is feeding him herself but expresses when she can so that her OH can also feed him and at the same time getting the baby used to both methods of feeding. I'm sure its a lot of hard work but it works for them.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Will also breastfeed but like bigsuprise will also express after the initial first few weeks so DH can help and also to give me that bit more freedom. May also combine feed after the first month or so. 2 friends recently had boys and said they were so hungry they soon introduced one formula feed a day and their boys were much more content. I'll see how it goes though. I was at the gentlebirthing course this weekend and the facilitator was saying it's totally normal to feel strange breastfeeding in public at first but you'll get used to it in no time- she demonstrated how she used a baby wrap/sling when breastfeeding (with a doll) and it's great- totally private! Maybe see if there are any breast feeding support groups in your area as they usually demonstrate how to use slings/wraps etc. I plan on going at around 35 weeks.
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
I didn't breastfeed DS when he was born as i had to go back to work very soon afterwards but i would consider breastfeeding this baby as breast is best but I'm also on 2 minds. I'd be afraid that baby won't latch on properly or not get enough when they need it - sometimes beastfeeding does not always work out for some people. A girl i know had her baby and he was just hungry all the time she could never keep him full she had to switch to a heavier formula. She was so dissapointed but releived at the same time cause she knew baby was getting enough through the bottle. You could try breastfeeding for the first couple of weeks then expressing after that? Just give visitors a date to starting arriving to the house. I haven't made up my mind yet but i will buy formula just in case. I've seen very heated threads on here about BF so this could be a long topic :-8
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I'm planning on breastfeeding and hope to do all I can to do this even if (or when) I find it difficult at the beginning! Both DH & I were breastfed so I have support from our families. I don't think I'll have an issue feeding in front of others - I have lots of scarves & pashminas that can be used to cover up if needed! I think a lot of us presume we won't be able to do it or we will have issues doing it but I'm going to try go with the mindset that it's the natural thing to do & what women have done for generations without the help of lactation consultants etc! DH does want to be involved so once the BF routine is established I plan to introduce an expressed bottle so he can do a feed & in time we can get out for a couple of hours ourselves!
PP Posts: 116
Hi There, I breastfed on DD for 5 months and hopefully will do the same this time around. I'll be honest the first month is hard as you aren't sure you're doing everything right. If you can get the baby on in the first half hour of being born they usually get on great. The baby must latch onto most of the boob and not just the nipple as this is when it hurts (when just on the nipple). Honestly you get the hang of it pretty quickly after the first initial days. The milk comes in around day 3 and the boob can be really hard and the baby has a growth spurt on days 3, 9, week 3, 9, month 3, 9 when he/she will feed constantly all day and/or night but you're just sitting on the couch watching telly so it's ok. After the first month it's happy days and it's a truly wonderful experience (not to mention all the calories you burn a day - 500). It is a bit hairy breasfeeding in public for the first couple of times but people are great and lots of woman just smile. With regard to BF in your own home I wouldn't worry about going to a different room and BF in someone else's home I would just say do you mind if I feed 'x'. Everyone always says no problem. I have a lot of male friends and they did find it a bit strange at first as I was one of the first friends to have a baby. Now others have had babies they're well used to it. BF groups in your area are great as everyone is going through the same things at the same time and everyone encourages everyone else. I did express when DH wanted to feed DD and when we wanted to get out and about. When DD was about 12 weeks I put her onto one bottle of formula at nighttime so she'd sleep through the night. Best of luck.
wollywoo Posts: 330
I'm bottle feeding. Have thought about it for a few years now seeing other friends trying to breastfeed etc. and have just decided I'd rather bottle feed so I'm going to go with that. Best of luck whatever you decide to do. :wv
amummynow Posts: 604
[quote="wollywoo":1da64c89]I'm bottle feeding. Have thought about it for a few years now seeing other friends trying to breastfeed etc. and have just decided I'd rather bottle feed so I'm going to go with that. Best of luck whatever you decide to do. :wv[/quote:1da64c89] + 1
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
I too live abroad ellise and feel that it was actually a great advantage to establishing breastfeeding. You will not have all the visitors popping in and can just concentrate on you and your baby. My baby didn't like feeding from a feeding top adn yes I did spend hours at a time sitting up in bed as I found that the most comfortable position to feed her. You will have plenty of time for bonding with the relations when your baby's a little bit bigger.
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