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broody chick Posts: 203
Hello all, I did some research into breast feeding groups to see what is out there, The Irish child birth website Cuidiu is excellent source of information. I spoke to my area co-ordinator and she said that it good to go to one or two classes before the due date just to get to know the group and to get a sense of the help that is available. They sent a newsletter out every few weeks aswell. I hope this helps you. Talk again :wv
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Thanks a million broody chick. I was also wondering about this the other day and this will deffo help. Thanks for researching it! :thnk
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
we have a support thread over in Mums and Kids that has been invaluable to me, come on over!!!
broody chick Posts: 203
The thread in Mum and kids is invaluable. I read a couple of pages and gosh i learnt so much. The girls in my thread Medala pump review under mums and kids have advised any mum who wants to BF their LO needs to arms themselves with as much info as possibel. Some of the midwifes in the hospital are excellent in relation to breast feeding and others are so busy they have no time to help out with the early issues. The Irish child brith trust is an actually support group that you meet each week and if you also run into problems there is a breast feeding rep that can help you over the phone or even call to your home. O-O I also rang my local health centre and the local nurse rang me back. She will be the lady calling to my home 48 hrs after i have i left the hospital to see how everything is going. It is great to know that there is a service out there for you to use if you need help or just support... It all does'nt seem so scarey now :o0 :wv
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Thanks for this :thnk