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Lady Di Posts: 2487
I was sitting in the waiting room for acupuncture yesterday, when I picked up a leaflet on breast feeding. I really want to give this a go, although apparently you're not meant to get your heart set on it incase it doesn't work out!! Anyway, in this leaflet it explained that babys digest breast milk quicker than formula, so on average you have to feed them 10 - 12 times in every 24 hours :eek :eek I was always under the immpression that it takes about an hour maybe more to breast feed a baby?? Does this not mean that you will basically permanently have your baby attached to you?? I am also wondering what you do if after five or six weeks you want to go out for a few drinks? I have heard that you can not consume alcohol while breast feeding?? Can anyone shed any light on this?
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi Lady Di.. I have been BF for 15 weeks now. I have found it really great and am only feeding once every 4 hours now (and at 11pm and 5am!). Like you I wanted to try BF but didn't put any pressure on myself. I am glad that it worked out for me!! My DD can now feed in 15 minutes which is great but in the beginning she took about 45-50 minutes. Not so bad. Also I don't have to sterilse bottles or anything so I think that it actually takes less time then formula feeding a baby!! Not sure about that though.. if you have any questions fire ahead.. I am happy to help out.. Summer Daisy
luigi Posts: 867
I had my heart set on it Di, but only managed 4 days. I'll give it a go next time around though as it wasnt as painful as I imagined it would be- I gave up for emotional reasons rather than pain or anything like that. Im glad he got the colostrum anyway, but at the same time the fact that he is formula-fed isnt something I feel bad about... so long as baby is happy! I got very little encouragement about keeping up the breast feeding and didnt know that it was possible to combine feed with an occassional formula feed- something I may try next baby if things get tough. Its also so handy for night feeds. One thing though- those 4 days he was permanently attached! But they are meant to do that. Like I say, I have no regrets giving up feeding, but it is a fantastic thing that our bodies can do. (Please dont be like me- I didnt even buy a single bottle or formula before he was born as I was so sure Id manage the breast and had to go shopping for formula the day I came out of hospital and I nearly passed out in the shop I was so weak- a mistake I wont make again)
chilledout Posts: 834
My little monster is 11 weeks now and I'm still breast feeding after a rocky start. He was feeding every two hours for at least an hour so I was lucky if I got an hours break between feeds. I was shattered and nearly gave up several times. But the more they feed, the more your milk supply increases so now he only takes 15 minute feeds every three hours during the day and then goes at about 6-8 hours without a feed at night. So it does get better. I was out in town today and when i went to change him realised I'd forgotten his changing bag! It's lucky I was breast feeding or the poor child would have starved! Its so handy not having to cart around bottles and formula.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
the first 3 weeks are tough to be honest!!I was in is handy though but I used formula as well as I hated feeding in public.
sally Posts: 1140
I want to BF when my baby comes and intend to start going to a local support group when im about 7-8 months so ill get the info I need and support from other mums, maybe there is one on your area, ask your midwife.
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hiya I fed my DD for 8months and 1 day!!!!! and am very proud of myself. I did buy some little on feed bottles of SMA gold for babe before i left the hospital, just as a back up. I agree with the others - [b:23a1019u]no[/b:23a1019u] its not easy [b:23a1019u]no[/b:23a1019u] don't put pressure on yourself, go with how you feel [b:23a1019u]no [/b:23a1019u]it doesn't come naturally, take practice and lots of support [b:23a1019u]yes [/b:23a1019u]i loved being able to do it - it took a while though!! [b:23a1019u]yes[/b:23a1019u] it soooooo handy [b:23a1019u]yes [/b:23a1019u]buy bottles and a steriliser - (you could express and also give a formula feed every so often if you wanted) [b:23a1019u]Yes[/b:23a1019u] get support - go to a breast feeding support group run by your Public health nurse, chat to us here, theres a lactation consultant Nicola O' Byrne - you'll get her details over in, you can meet her before you give birth and she'll do home visits after the birth. [b:23a1019u]yes[/b:23a1019u] prepare yourself by reading lots before babe is born - i found a great wee book, "How to breastfeed and what to do if you can't" (i think)can't remember the author's name Claire something doublebarreled. For the first few days in order to encourage you milk supply its important to feed regularly. From then onward I fed my baby every 3 hours, i would strip her down to her vest cos she'd fall asleep if i didn't!!!! If she grumbled after an hour i would burp, change, cuddle or help her to sleep. Some babys are sucky babys and might stay for hours but aren't feeding but sucking. I didn't want to be a dummy so i gave her one after a few weeks! I found that expressing was wonderful at helping my supply and hubby could give the milk i expressed so it gave me a rest. Buy an electric pump - mini medela or avent isis IQ. I couldn't have done it without nipple shields - bought boots own and avent. Lahiolin (spelling?) nipple cream and buy [b:23a1019u]thin [/b:23a1019u]breast pads. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing to be able to do for your baby. Every feed you manage is invaluable to them.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Great post Lady Di. I really hadn't thought about breatfeeding at all. I didn't think it would be easy, but assumed I'd be able to do it. I hadn't thought of the practicalities iykwim Thanks for all the advice girls :thnk
Carmen Posts: 510
Definitely loads of great information there girls. I suppose its just take it as it comes and be prepared for all eventualities.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Lady Di thanks for posting this, I know it's probably been asked before but there's never too much info I suppose. I would love to try it too, even though my Mum is dead against BF for some reason !!! I think the older generation didn't go in for it much. Do you have to watch what you eat when breastfeeding? ie what about curries or chilis ?!! And what about alcohol? I've heard conflicting views some say nothing and some say a glass of wine for example is fine as barely a trace gets into the milk? Also does anyone know where you can buy that nipple cream, Lansinoh I think? It's supposed to be excellent but apparently not easily available? Thanks :wv