Breast feeding & Underactive Thyroid

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contented Posts: 2625
Hi Has anyone else breastfed and been on meds for an underactive thyroid? I'm not sure it's okay to bf and be on the meds as well. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
pattie Posts: 2379
Hi contented, you should try posting this on the forum on If you post the names of the meds someone will be able to check this out for you. There is a regularly updated directory of what is safe and what is not with BF'g, it's by Dr. Hale. If your medicine isn't listed there you should email Dr. Jack Newman (I think his website is as he does alot of research into what drugs are okay when BF'g and will personally answer you AFAIK. If your particular medicine isn't safe maybe your drs can suggest a safe alternative.
sligo06 Posts: 513
i am on meds for under active thyroid and bfeeding and i've been told it is totally fine to take my meds.