Breast or bottle?

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andypandy28 Posts: 553
Hi girls, am in a dilemma about this, I haven't decided what to do yet so was looking to see what all ye are doing, or will do when you get BFP's. Any advice on why one works better than the other is appreciated.
grumpy Posts: 1280
I've decided to try breastfeeding, simply cos its undoubtedly best for baby. However, on magicmum, there are so many stories of ulcers and mastitis (sp?) and thrush and blocked ducts etc, that I'm keeping myself open to bottlefeeding also :-8. I'd really prefer not to have to go to the bottle too quickly, but I know myself that I just wouldn't be able to put up with agonisingly sore nipples, a screaming baby, and approximately 2 hours sleeps over a day. On the other hand, there are also plenty of women who don't have these issues and breastfeed successfully, so I'm just hoping to be one of them!
charli Posts: 5994
[quote:3rttjo3u]However, on magicmum, there are so many stories of ulcers and mastitis (sp?) and thrush and blocked ducts etc, that I'm keeping myself open to bottlefeeding also . [/quote:3rttjo3u] enough to put anyone off! i breastfed my little girl until she was about 4/5 months i did it with the attitude, ill give it a go and what happens happens - first week is difficult, no doubt about it but then it gets sooo easy, especially night feeds - no heating babas! word of advice - BREAST PUMP - get one, if you want to have any free time and let daddy feed the baby - but most importantly for me, gets baby used to the bottle when you want to stop, i say this on every post about BF but have heard of so many babies not used to the bottle and refusing it!! best of luck - whatever you try :wv
charlie crown Posts: 377
Very good advice charli, my sister combined Breast and bottle as the baby seemed to need more than she was getting from the breast. So when it cam to stopping breast feeding she was already used to the bottle and the formula, no big deal
charli Posts: 5994
actually that is one little problem i had i only gave breast milk in the bottle - i didnt combine, when i wanted to stop at 5months, she took the bottle no problem but i took a week or two to find a formula that would suit she would throw up SMA/Optimul but she settled on Cow and Gate - for asier digestion it was called and loved that!! i could see though how a very hungry baby would have to get both!
Itisasecret Posts: 389
First of all I have a plan, but it would be in an ideal world and I am aware that it does not always work out. I plan to breastfeed solely for about 3-4 weeks. Then I will introduce 1 bottle feed (so Dad can do it and I can get to bed early). Then go solely to bottles at about 4 months. Aha all in an ideal world I hear you say!!!! I know about nipple conusion and some babies don’t like swiching between breast and bottle but 2 pals did the above and it worked for them so I am hoping!!! The advantages of breastfeeding I see are: nutrition, bonding, no heating bottles in the middle of the night and weightloss for Mammy. The disadvantages I see are: Mammy has most or all of the work to do and therefore Daddy may feel left out, sore and cracked nipples, the fear of the unknown and frustration if it doesn’t work out. I am also very conscious that I would be very uncomfortable feeding in front of other esp. males so I am going to have to get over that too! I also plan to do the breastfeeding classes available about 4 weeks before due date. So that’s my plan but I do hope I don’t put too much pressure on myself.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Aparently cabbage leaves in the bra really help against thrush. Take a large raw cabbage leaf, put it in the fridge. After feeding put in your bra cup, it relieves the nipples and apparently prevents trush. Mad but apparently true.
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
I planned to breast feed but it just didn't work out and ended up bottle feeding, the most important thing is do not feel like a failure if the breast feeding doesn't work for you there is so much pressure and guilt involved it nearly drove me crazy.
mrs ddt Posts: 3235
have no kids yet myself but my sister is a mid wife....said you are encouraged to breast feed in the hospital (although some colleagues of hers try and ram it down the mothers throats and make them feel like failures for opting for the bottle...... which is not nice >:o( ) but it doesn't suit everyone and she doesnt know of any bottle baby that has turned out differently as a result of not being BF Myself.....I like to think I could BF for a couple of weeks at least, but at the end of the day its what makes baby friends baby wasn't getting enough from BF so he went on bottle much earlier than she wanted, but he was much happier in himself Every baby is different and so is every Mammy's body, trick is to not beat yourself up if it doesnt work!! *)
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
I think people are really pressured into breast feeding ...I think great for you and the baby if it goes well. However I had two girls and didnt breast feed either of them. But thank God they were both very healthy neither had an antibiotic under the age of two and I dont think breast feeding would have made any difference. So for all those out there who didnt breast feed, dont listen to those who try and lay a guilt trip on you. Everyone decides whats best for them in their own particular situation and well done those who do succeed with it.