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tweeness Posts: 340
Hi girls, I'm planning on BF & have bought Tommee Tippee CTN bottles for the expressed milk. I'd really like to get either an Avent or Medela electric breastpump but wondered if the bottles need to be compatible with the pump, or do I have to use a specified bottle for a particular pump (ie. use Avent bottles with the Avent pump?) This is probably a stupidly silly question, but it's bugging the bejaysus out of me today so any help would be appreciated!!! :wv
Duncelt Posts: 460
No questions are stupid :eek - I'm also planning on BF but thought I'd wait until after babs was born to see if it worked before buying one. I'm assuming though that it'll state on the box if it is only suitable for particular bottles - you could also google "breast pumps" and see who makes them and it should state there - try ebay!!!!
justwaitin Posts: 2462
he there i bf with ds and a had the TT ctn manual pump the tt bottles fit into the manual pump, ive bought the medula swing pump for this time and ill just decant the expressed milk inti little bags and freeze or keep it in the fridge in them, you pick up the lanoish breast milk storage bags in most chemists.hth
tweeness Posts: 340
Thanks girls :wv I know I shouldn't be stressing too much on this at the moment, but too much chocolate (for babs, obviously) has my mind monged!!! :o0 Off to give Ebay a goo!! :wv
silíní Posts: 4219
I used Medela mini electric and used various bottles, you can just pump into the avent bottles supplied, store in fridge, and then pour into whatever type of sterilised bottle you like to feed babs! Good luck!
chicam Posts: 1169
I agree with Silini's post - don't be too worried about what bottles, I just used the one that came with the Medela Swing and then poured the EBM into a sterlised bottle. Alternatively if you are planning on storing/freezing EBM you can get AXIFEED bottles (try ebay) which screw straight onto the medela, have a close top and then you can put straight into fridge or freezer for long-term storage.