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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I saw the Medula Swing Breast pump in boots at lunchtime for €135 just wondering is this the norm? I kind of got a shock with the price of it but then again in saying that this is my first pregnancy so im a bit clueless/green with everything.
lindy Posts: 1135
WOW thats dear :o0 :o0 I use the Advent breast pump on my other 2 and i bought another Advent breast pump for this nipper there great and simple to use . Great and handy containers you can express into plus feed out of to instead of emptying the milk into another bottle!!!!!!! Plus you can express into containers and pop into fridge or freezer and you can write the time and date you expressed on containers so simple and easy to use. My sis picked up the pump for me the other day but the price is usually between 40-50 euros for the Advent.xx Hope that helps . :wv
neeov Posts: 4256
The medela ones are dearer but they are seen as being the best. I have the medela swing and another less expensive one. the less expensive one gets way less milk and is much more difficult to operate. I can use the medela swing one with one hand, or even tuck it under my nursing vest and go hands free!!