Breastfeeding and boobs

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cbtb Posts: 413
I know this is a really vain question but does breastfeeding make a huge difference to the appearance of your boobs? Is there anything you can do to help them stay firm? Pregnancy hasn't affected them too much so I'm just wondering will breastfeeding. I have gone from a 36DD to a 40DD at this stage. :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
Well when the milk comes in, they'll get bigger again! I haven't BF-ed on my first one and after it I did notice a change in them, esp as I got stretchmarks on them at the end of pg (but they do fade away). I have bf-ed now on my second and IMO it does not make a lot of diff, except they are even bigger this time around and I feel like flip Jordan before she had the breast reduction!
cbtb Posts: 413
Thanks hu101, Are you still breastfeeding? I expect there to be changes when I'm feeding but wonder do they return to normal afterwards?
theoracle Posts: 7664
I breastfed for 3 months, and it has been nearly 3 months now since. The boobs went back in size, but they are still so much bigger than before pg. Nothing I can do about that though, runs in the family (should have been clear to me, just need to luck and mum's and granny's pictures). But I also put on weight overall, I think if I was fitter it would matter even less. My best friend bf-ed and I swear you could never tell by her boobs. Than I have another one and she hers really sagged (allthough she did not BF), so everyone is different (bet you're sick of hearing that, but it's true). You know your body. Does it recover fast? Is your tissue 'weak' (that was my friend's problem)? Test is to pinch and raise your skin on your arm, non-elasticated tissue takes a while to get back, elasticated tissue goes back immediately (which means less prone to saggy skin). HTH.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
I don't think it matters really, I bottle fed my son, I went from a pre-pregnancy 34B to a 36C after pregnancy...but without a bra, they would have just looked like pencils on my chest, they nearly hit my knees, they looked great in a bra, but without kinda deflated balloons or something... this pregnancy i went from a 36C down to a idea why, as I've never really heard of anyones boobs dropping a cup size while pregnant...I'm unsure of wether or not I will BF (should be making up my mind pretty soon really...) but I do think its in your own bodies make-up...a bit like you might get stretch marks or you might not, people can rub as much bio-oil in as they want, if they are going to get them they will... Just cause you BF I wouldn't think it would make your boobs go a shape they weren't going to go if you bottle fed...
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
I've been trying to gather info on this :o0 It seems the experts are agreed that the changes of pregnancy give you saggy boobs and that breastfeeding makes no real difference. I hope mine shrink, cause they look ridiculous right now. I hope they are pert afterwards too!!
arib Posts: 499
I've gone from c pre pregnancy to d during pregnancy, am now b-feeding and am G cup :wv
justwaitin Posts: 2462
i bf ds for around 4/5 months, and boobs have gone up in a couple of sizes from a 34 b to a 34 d there are a little saggyer but thats probably due to the bigger size than the bf i do have a fe stech marks but nothing to ovibous and there just about fading.
thunder Posts: 110
Hi Girls, My sister has 3 kids and she breast feed them all, she adviced me to wear my bra after baby is born in bed, abit uncomfortable but it keeps them from sagging, as the weight of the milk cause them to sag......not sure if I will be able to sleep but I'll give it a try....