breastfeeding class while pregnant ?????

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
have you done one? was it good? would you recommend it??
nextstep Posts: 21
I've booked into one tomorrow - here's the link: It was recommended by one of the girls from Cuidiu and I've attended a Cuidiu meeting aswell beforehand which I think it a good idea to ask any questions you have and then you've made contact before the birth and can head along then with the baby afterwards (La Leche run similar meetings). I'll let you know how it goes but from what I've heard it's definitely best to have as much information before the birth as possible and to know the pitfalls so you can make life a little easier on yourself hopefully!
petunia Posts: 1626
I attended a short workshop kind of class aimed at pregnant women and found it very good in that if you had any kind of questions, even if you thought they were silly, you could get an answer there and then. Obviously getting stuck in when baby's here will be very different but they can give you contact numbers for local groups who meet up in your area. Im glad I went anyways :wv