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angel01 Posts: 242
Hi Ladies I plan to breast feed and so i was wondering as a first timer if you could offer up advice - i will obviously have to do all the feeding in the first few weeks but after that i want to let DH feed also so i plan to pump and use bottles as well as breast feeding am i better with a manual or electric pump and would you recommend a brand - i have looked at tommy tepee for manual and avent for electric but just want some help thanks :wv
allexcitednow Posts: 654
Hi Angel01 I wouldn't buy a pump yet. I'd wait till after baby is born. As they can be pricey!! You may find hand expressing is easier at first as you can set the pressure (you will be sore until the nipples thoughen) Join a grounp and get thier opnion on the different makes/types. Good luck with the breastfeeding! I tried and failed miserably :( So the only piece of real advice I can give you is to stick with it. I reached the thoughest point of feeding and I know if I had stuck it out for a couple of more days it would have got easier, but I gave up. Babs was 9lbs 2oz so was sucking the life out of me!!