Breech @ 33 weeks

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freedom Posts: 126
Hi there. For my last 2 visits with my consultant at week 29 and week 32 my baby has been breech. Was at GP yesterday and baby is still breech. This is my first baby. I'd be interested to know if any of you were in a similar situation and did your baby turn? Also forgot to ask cons. at what stage do they actually book you in for a c-section if baby hasn't turned? Thanks. :thnk
nea dude Posts: 749
Did the doctors say if they could try to help the baby turn?
freedom Posts: 126
Consultant said he isn't really in favour of trying to turn the baby as often doesn't work and there is a 1% risk of harming the baby or the cord may get wrapped around it. A 1% chance is enough for me to say no way. GP also said yesterday she wasn't in favour of manually trying to turn baby.
pattie Posts: 2379
The odds are still in favour of your LO turning. My DD was breech from about 30 weeks andd never turned (cons was also against manually turning, I just tried moxibustion but it didn't work), but few babies are still breech at the due date so try not to worry. My cons didn't book me in for a section till about month or less before the due date. I had the section at 40+3 as DD being my first I was unlikely to go before the date and in any case live around the corner from the maternity hosp if I had gone into labour. If you LO is still breech & you have a section watch out for a stiff neck. DD had this and it got gradually worse till it was picked up by the paed at 4 months. We brought her for cranio-sacral therapy and this did the trick, it also really settled her down (I think her neck had been hurting her). We were sent for physio also by the paed but she didn't need it after the cranio. Just something to watch out for as I wish we'd spotted this with DD as a newborn and brought her for the cranio then. Anyway, it's more likely your LO will turn and none of this will be an issue.
freedom Posts: 126
Pattie - thanks for that. I have heard of the cranio- sacral therapy. At what age can you get this first done? I can feel baby's head under my boobs so I'm sure this sort of therapy will benefit baby if it stays in the breech position.
nea dude Posts: 749
Do what you feel is safest for the baby. You still have a few weeks, hopefully it will turn. My mother was born breech birth about 55years ago, and my nana didn't have the time to get to the hospital after the waters broke, everything worked out ok. Nowadays there are so many ways the doctors can help you, you shouldn't have any problems. Whatever you do, don't get worked up about this, if it's a section then so be it, as long as baby comes out healthy. Best of luck :lvs
*coolaboola* Posts: 374
hiya freedom, i could have written this post myself a few weeks ago! don't worry! at my last visit (35 weeks), the babba had turned all by itself. so do your best to stay positive, the odds are stacked in your favour! some people swear by helping the baby along whether by moxibustion, certain exercises, or even shining a torch at your vagina to attract the baby down!!! :eek seriously, several people advised me to do that!!! hilarious. the best advice i could give you is just to relax and i'm sure that the baby will turn soon. good luck and let us know how it goes! :wv
Rocky Posts: 465
on my last visit at 31weeks baby was breech too. im going back next wed at 35weeks so will see then if he/she has turned or not. as far as im aware if it stays breech you will have baby sectioned at 39wks
pattie Posts: 2379
They can do cranio in the delivery room, although the hospital probably wouldn't allow it. From birth basically. If your planning on BF'g it's especially good to do it early as a stiff neck can badly affect feeding and can even make latching difficult. Anyway, the odds are hugely in your favour that your baby will turn. They can even turn right up to delivery, it has happened. They gave me a scan the night before and she was still breech and they also palpated to check before the section but DD was too stubborn!
chicam Posts: 1169
Hi freedom, I'm also on 1st baby and I was told at 31 weeks that the baby was breech and I panicked a little bit but everyone kept saying I'd loads of time. Anyway as it happens, saw the midwife today and the head is now down. So don't worry too much, I'm sure the little one will move for you soon!