Breech @ 35 weeks

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maemay Posts: 45
Hi all, Just returned from a growth scan only to find out baba is breech, bum down, feeling deflated, any experience out there with chances of turning at this stage??? The midwife doing the scan gave me little to no indication really. She said it May May not turn. Suppose I'm feeling anxious and hoping hospital will be on top of this especially around the holidays...have clinic appointment on Thursday....any experience with this is greatly down about this and I can't figure why, hormones!! And the want of a happy healthy baby I suppose...........
sarhar101 Posts: 381
Hey MaeMay, I've a scan this Thursday to see if junior is still breech. He has been since my 22 week scan (plus two subsequent scans), and as far as I can tell from the low-down kicks, he still is. I've also been given very little information from the hospital but believe that the Holles Street policy is to section at 38 weeks (which for me would be the first week of January). Would love to know how you get on this Thursday - my next hospital appointment isn't until Thursday week - so won't know anything until the 19th. All information greatly received O:o) Sx
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
My LO was breech all the way through, transverse until 32 weeks, and then full footling from 32 to 37 and a half when he finally turned. He was a big baby too (and I am a small Mum), and managed to turn. I didn't do much in particular, I did scrub the house to within an inch of it's life, and was quite partial to scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees. Good luck.
maemay Posts: 45
Hi girls and many thanks for your feedback. I had appt yesterday baba is in an extended or frank breech position and still is at 35 +5 weeks. Basically I'm back in on the 27th and if no change I will be given a date for an elective section at 39 weeks which will be the first week in jan. Was told its so hard to give me an answer as baba can turn it's just one of those things that they just won't know until at least 37plus weeks when baby has diminished room to swim. I was told that it is unlikely to turn tho but it could :duh: :duh: , I just want to know as the unknown kills me but will know more the day after Stephens day! I just have to relax now and keep my mind occupied with Christmas, any other stories out there please let's us breeches kno :wv thanks
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
My DD used to flip from breach to transverse until the day I went in for the section when she was head down. I was then sent home to wait and see if nature would take its course. I didn't do anything specifically to try and get her to turn. I think she only turned on the way into the hospital as there was a rather uncomfortable/sore movement at the time.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
It's so hard to still be in limbo so close to your dates MaeMay. At least you've got Christmas ahead of you to TRY and take your mind off it! If in doubt, hit the tin of Quality Street... :-8 Scan yesterday revealed junior has indeed reach full cephalic presentation, so is no longer breech and I'm back in the running for a vaginal birth. And I'd spent the last month reading up on sections and wound care! So, it MIGHT happen yet! A lady I was talking to in class yesterday is going for her breech section on Monday, and she said given the time (if I was still breech) to go for acupuncture... Hope it all works out... Sx
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Did they give you exercises to do? Google exercises to help turn a breech, basically a bit like being on your hands and knees, with bum in air... that's why the mum scrubbing the floor worked!! If you really want to avoid the section, which I would, look into acupressure, moxibustion etc...