Breech @ 36 weeks - talk of an ECV

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, Baba's been breech now since week 32. I've another appointment next week at 37 weeks and if it's still breech then I have the option of ECV.I guess if I say no to that then the next step will be scheduling a C-section for around 39 weeks. I know there's a chance that the baby could still turn of its own accord and I'll certainly give acupuncture and scrubbing the floors a go but would like to hear from anyone that has had ECV done (successfully or not). How is ECV generally viewed? I know nothing about it! Thanks, J
Leigh Posts: 188
hi i think there were a few posts on this a while ago if you search back. As far as i know it depends on your doctor and their experience of ecv. It seems as though some 'older' doctors will still do this as it was more normal years ago to do this. In my personal experience though my doctor would'nt attempt it which i was happy about as i had seen a video of it been done and i read up on it and had decided i didnt want it done on me. He scheduled me in for a section at 39 weeks which i had and all was grand. i know when i posted about my experience before i got some replies which said that ecv is perfectly safe to do etc but i had made my mind up about it as i was told that the risk of the cord getting caught around babys neck was higher with ecv and that it therefore can be dangerous for the baby and anyhow as you said the baby can turn right back again after you have it done! i know someone that this happened to. my doc basically said that the baby settles themself in a certain position for a reason and just to leave them be! if you do decide to attempt ecv all ill say is to do your own research and make up your own mind about it and most importantly ask your doc how experienced they are in this area. best of luck with your decision and hope baby turns for you him or herself! :wv
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
God, I don't know what to do! There's only one consultant in the hospital who does the ECV's. The others can all do it but this guy sort of specializes in it so they send anyone who needs one to him. I guess it's the sort of the thing you get better at the more you do it? Nothing was mentioned about the possibility of the cord going around the baby's neck, just that the baby can get "distressed" and therefore an emergency section has to be performed. This happens in one in 200 cases apparently. I'm back to the consultant this week anyway so it'll be decision time then if the baby hasn't turned...which I don't feel it has. I really don't know what the right thing to do is :duh:
twoboys Posts: 320
It's fantastic that you have access to an expert in ECV - that should be very reassuraing for you as not every maternity unit has one. Making an informed decision means putting emotions aside and making the decision on facts (hard enough to do with all those pregnancy hormones!). The fact is your baby has been flipping around for the last 8 months..getting tangled up in the cord....holding the cord and somersaulting through the cord. 1/3 of all babies born have the cord around it's neck...and it's very rarely a problem. As your baby is born the cord is simply looped over your baby's head. Your baby doesn't breathe through it's throat...he gets all of his oxygen through the blood flowing through the cord in through his bellybutton. The cord is made of this amazing jelly like substance that protects the blood vessels inside and makes it quite difficult for the blood flow to be stopped. An ECV has about a 1 in 50 - 70% chance of being successful. In other words you've a 50% chance of avoiding abdominal surgery and all of the risks that go with that not just for this pregnancy but for all of your future pregnancies (placenta previa, ectopic pregnancy, damage to other organs etc). It's quite interesting that once a discussion about ECV starts nobody posts about the known risks that go along with a caesarean section but the anecdotal risks that other Doctors who are not skilled in ECV seem to always come up with. Your Doctor mentioned a 1 in 200 chance of your baby going into distress compared of the 100% increase in risks of choosing surgery instead. Having an ECV expert means if he even gets a hint that your baby isn't happy they will stop. When he palpates you to see baby's position he may not even go ahead with the ECV and stop there an then. You'll be scanned and monitored throughout (and it usually only takes 10 - 15 mins). Less than 5% of babies stay breech so the statistics are on your side. Moxa is very successful as is hypnosis. Here's the link the baby turn Mp3 if that's something you're open to. Start using it today and use it during the ECV to relax the uterine muscles and make the ECV easier.
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Thanks for the feedback. Just to update, had an appt today and baba has turned around all of its own accord so I'm delighted! :o)ll I was full sure it was still breech. Didn't feel it turning at all! J