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Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I'm 35 weeks, baby has been breech all the pregnancy. I had an apt last week and Consultant seemed very confident that baby won't turn at this stage. But that's all he said and he left. I have an apt this Wednesday so hopefully I'll know more after that but my brain is working over time. I was wondering if anyone knows at what stage would holles st make decision on C-Section? DS was born at 39 weeks, will that make a difference? Anyone else breech entire pg and turn after 35 weeks?
CherylC Posts: 1071
My DD was breech all along too. My understanding is that once they get it 35-36 weeks there is limited chance they'll turn as there just isn't space (can happen but less likely). I had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks, and it was absolutely fine - all very calm. They scheduled a date for the section about a week or two beforehand and then if baby had turned they would have cancelled it (they checked on the morning of the section that she was still breech) Best of luck.
mimmie Posts: 601
Hi winterb2b I was breech with my dd from 29 weeks until 38+4 when I went into labour. I had been offered an ECV at 37 weeks where they attempt to turn the baby, but after researching it I decided against it. I had been told the baby could turn up until labour!! I was booked in for an elective section at 39+4 but obviously my dd had her own plan :o0 When I was in labour and just before they brought me down for the section, they scanned me to make sure she was still breech. I don't get the impression that they ever want to do a section if not really necessary, especially when public. Best of luck :o)ll
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Thanks girls. baby has been breech since my 20 week scan. I have an apt tomo, I hate not knowing what to expect. My brain is working over time.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi I was breech until 37 weeks. I went for acupuncture and the baby turned. Might be worth a try!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
+1 on the accu and moxa! DD turned after one session at 36+ weeks. I don't have any experience of having a second baby yet (on the way though!) but when Mam was pregnant with me, I was breech right up til she went into labour then I turned and delivered without a problem. I had been turned three times by the consultant before that and turned back each time :-8 (I never liked being told what to do!). Good luck whatever happens.
Momster Posts: 442
DS was breech until 37 weeks as well! went to the doctor at 36+5 and he was breech - went to hte hospital @ 37+2 and he had turned. i think it happened on the night of when i was 37 weeks as i felt massive movements that night! :) had DS in holles street and some ladies on my ward had C sections and were moving about the next day so even if it goes to that eventuality try not to worry!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
This might sound stupid but where will I get accupuncture and what is moxa? Kitchen floor is sprinkling......someone suggested I get down on all 4s and scrub floor! To be honest, I'd prefer to have an elective C-Section than to go into labour and then still end up having an C-section. My only concern about Csection is fact I have toddler and won't be able to drive for 6 weeks.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
You in Dublin? I could give you my ladys number. She was actually a midwife before this so she is really good re pregnancy. Specializes in fertility and pregnancy