Breech at 20 weeks - will this last?

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70schick Posts: 201
Hi girls, scanned yesterday and baby was in breech position. Am only 20 weeks. Even though this is our 2nd I am completely clueless regarding the likelihood of breech babies turning etc. What are the chances? It's probably far too early to assume he/she will stay breech. Would hope to avoid a section if possible. Any advice appreciated. :)
looneytoon Posts: 181
I wouldn't worry about it for another while. Both mine were breech at that stage, and long after and both turned. This one at 31 weeks and something similar on the last one I think.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Son't worry baby will spin itself round at least 50 times between now and when you have him/her!
dancingfeet Posts: 826
Still very early, Wouldn't worry about it. Still plently of time for baby to move around & turn
wonderwife Posts: 463
My baby didnt turn till after 34 weeks. At 20 weeks there's still plenty of room for them to flip around all the time. Hospitals generally think nothing of it till after 36 weeks and even then there's still time for turning. Nothing to worry about.
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
My LO was breech all the way to 37 weeks and then he turned. Plenty of time.
70schick Posts: 201
Thanks for your replies girls. Had a GP visit 2 days later and while using the Doppler GP said baby was head down. Felt like a bit of a wally :-8 Thanks again :)