Bricking IT.. Any advice please

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minnieminx Posts: 249
:ooh Hi girls have not been on this forum long but can see your all great at dishing out advice. Just got call from bf who has arranged an interview for me tomorro in her company. Im absolutly bricking it. Been out of work for long time(kids and all that) and confidence is way down there.. :eek Had part time shitty jobs and done lots of courses but this is formal interview and my nerves are in tatters already. Any advice is welcome. P.S Have a nice suit i bought as a "just in case" never been worn so thats one thing out of the way. Interview is tomorro
nadeamb Posts: 107
My only advice is be yourself & try not to be nervous. Nerves are always the worst part of interviews so try to be confident! Good Luck & let ius know how you get on. :xox
AVENGER Posts: 4595
I thought you were looking for Brickingit! Just relax and be yourself.
mad woman Posts: 22106
I thought you were looking for brickingit!!! :o0 be as confident and calm as possilbe. keep eye contact as at times.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Plan out your answers to the questions you might be asked, strong points / weak points etc etc Write them down, it will help with remebering your thought struture. Try to be clam and confient and you will be fine. Best of luck
over it Posts: 2779
Eh so did I! Be yourself, relax and sell yourself - just cos you've been out of the work force for awhile doesn't mean your any different to someone who hasn't. Best of luck.[img:fdz060hk][/img:fdz060hk]
minnieminx Posts: 249
:o0 :o0 :o0 Oh mrs mw im hysterical only saw her name now on a board so the whole place prob thinks i am looking for her. Can i change the title Gave me a good laugh ta
stinky Posts: 606
I have my first interview in years on Thursday so I know how you are feeling. I went onto Irish and looked up loads of stuff about questions you are likely to be asked in an interview and tips and general no-no's. Go and have a read and see if you find anything useful. Well you can use WOL so you can def say you are computer literate!
minnieminx Posts: 249
Thank stinky will check it out. Have flutters in my tummy i know il be fine just have not been in this position for so long. Out of pratice is all