Bridal Boot Camp???????

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honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
Hi girlies.... I'm not getting married till July next year but i'd really love to know if anyone has ever run one of these anywhere in Ireland. I've heard of them in England but never here. I can't afford to join a gym and haven't been able to stick to WW. I get on great for a month and then fall off the wagon. I have a stone to lose and maintain before the wedding and i hope to go to something like this that is disciplined....... Any idea's??? Thanks girls in advance.....
shoppergal Posts: 1179
Bill cullen was on the radio the other day talking about his hotel in killarney(not sure what it's called) and he said there was a bridal bootcamp running in the leisure centre.
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
I'm from Monaghan so that would be too far- it would be okay if it was an intense 2-3 weeks programme, but i would rather something locally that i could do a couple of times a week. What do you think of a bootcamp type regime????
shoppergal Posts: 1179
I think it's a great idea, as long as you used it to motivate you long term if you know what i mean. i'd be afraid i'd do a bootcamp for a few weeks and then once it was over fall off the wagon again. depends on how motivated you are i suppose. considering i'm sitting her surrounded by pick and mix and chocolate i'm definitely not motivated at the moment so could seriously do with a boot camp!!!
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
Yeah i no what u mean- but its easter..... :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 Its someone really strict, no b*llsh*t and will shout and give you boot in a*se where needed.....just think it'd be more exciting than the gym!!!
healthy living Posts: 21
Hi there, Have a look at or It might be what you are looking for.
missfancypants Posts: 413
The hotel in Killarney is the Muckros Park Hotel - Ireland AM had a piece on their Bridal bootcamp there last week and it looked really great -a lot of hard work during the day but then you got to relax in the Spa in the evenings... It would definitely be worthwhile - mind you - its nothing you couldn't do urself with a plan a bit of hard work and dedication... it was a run in the mornings / spin classes and various classes in the gym... I'm gonna workout my own little 'bootcamp' and try my best to stick to it... I can be dedicated once I put my mind to it... Check out the Ireland AM website as I'm sure they will have info on it or the Muckross Park hotel website... and BEST OF LUCK!!!
honeypot2010 Posts: 1500
Hi girls and tanx 4 replies.... The food genie is quite expensive at €175 a week..... :eek :eek Anyhow i mite just do that myself.... Do up a fitness chart..... Me and my son can have a competition as i do a behavioural chart for him sometimes (no, i am not a funny strict mum, but it does work)..... Competitions for stars..... :o0 :o0 :o0
blackcat Posts: 28
This might be a bit far for you but look up Myself and h2b did 10 sessions with Paul and have to say it's worked brilliant! Have lost about half a stone and really toned up. It's not cheap but definitely worth it to look great in the photos! He does private personal training sessions and then classes as well.