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goodtimes Posts: 66
Hi girls, I'm getting married early may and Ive no clue whatsoever about flowers! :-8 The only flowers i would recognise are roses and tulips! I love the strong colours of tulips and i was wondering what you guys are having as your bouquets and if you have ever seen tulip bridal bouquets? Thanks in advance xx :thnk
FloristJohnPaul Posts: 215
Hi Goodtimes, Tulips will just be coming to the end of their season in early May but you'll still be able to get them. They might not be as strong so would be a good idea to mix them with another variety of flower to help support the tulip heads. Other nice flowers with the same textures would be Lisanthus although they only come in soft pastel shades. Dependant on your colour scheme there are lots of lovely interesting flowers available. If you would like I can send you some photographs of tulip bouquets that i have made for previous weddings. PM or email me. Regards John Paul