Bridal flip flops

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BabyFootsteps Posts: 279
Hi wollies, Can anybody help?? Im looking for white flip flops with a wedge heel? I heard about them and think its a great idea. Be comfy once my heels start hurting!!! :-) Thanks in advance!! :-)
errigal08 Posts: 1302
ebay have them :wv ohh and im sure i seen them in all about
the bees knees Posts: 755
Ring Pillow Diva .. look up her page on Facebook.. I know she has them.... Lovely girl and easy to deal with.. She does them in white and ivory and think they are around the €40 mark.....
BabyFootsteps Posts: 279
Awh brilliant. Thanks a mill guys. Googled on ebay and found a few.. gonna order them tonight. they are perfect and cheap!! thanks again! :)