Bridal Hairbands

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MrsAH Posts: 3715
Hi, I wondering could any of you lovely designers help me. I tried on this hair piece in the wedding dress store. It has a large crystal flower design that sits on the side of the head. It is mad money though. What interests me is the band itself, it is really soft but sturdy, it looks like medium strength wire wrapped in fabric and can be made to suit your hair colour? I tend to get headaches from metal or plastic hairbands, hence my interest in a soft one. Do any of you make bands like this? Thanks MrsAH
Rangoli Posts: 64
Hi Mrs AH! I am a hair accessory designer and I am very conscious of how comfortable my hairbands [i:3pw59btp]feel[/i:3pw59btp]. Most shop-bought hairbands are formed into a shape that doesn't suit the shape of our heads! In addition to this, they usually have points on either side that dig into your head causing headaches. I make several variations to attach side-pieces onto. Some work well on a beaded hairwire while others can be attached to a slender metal hairband that lies comfortably behind the ears. I could easily customise a variation to match the colour of your hair. Have a look at my blog for recent commissions and please get in touch if you would like to arrange to visit my dublin showroom - Regards Aisling
MrsAH Posts: 3715
That's for that. I find a lot of them painful to wear. This one was really easy to wear. I'll try and find a picture of what I'm looking for to give you an idea. Thanks, MrsAH