Bridal House in Waterford?

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dec2008 Posts: 95
Has the Bridal House in Barrack's St in Waterford closed? I have been ringing their phone no. for the past three days but getting no answer.
marianf Posts: 5845
There was something on here about a shop in Waterford having a closing down sale and people were saying that they werent at all surprised. Dresses were nice but staff were horrible.
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Hi dec2008 The only bridal shops left in Waterford are All about Eve (avoid avoid avoid!) and Everything but the Groom (lovely shop lovely staff) Marchetti have closed down, as have Chez au Couture and the Bridal House on Barrack Street. You could also try My Dress in Carrick on Suir - nice staff and lovely dresses and Waterlily in Dungarvan, Rachel and Mary there are pets they're so lovely and they have a small but beautiful selection of dresses. Hope that helps! :wv
dec2008 Posts: 95
Thanks Maltabridesept08. I have an appointment in All About Eve on Saturday. And I have heard a few bad reports already about that shop. No wonder I could get an appointment with 3 days notice, and anytime I wanted. Not feeling very exciting at the moment about my first appointment, and not expecting much at all. Will definitely be travelling to a few shops!!
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
The girl in All about Eve is just rude but don't let that put you off, she has some lovely gowns so at least you'll get an idea of what might suit you. But I have heard some awful stories about her..... If you have time I would recommend Waterlilys in Dungarvan 058-41318 they will definitely restore your excitement in dress hunting, the shop is run by a mother and daughter, both of whom could talk the back legs off a donkey but they're a joy to deal with and they make trying on the dresses fun and relaxing. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself, and if the girl in All about Eve is rude to you then just tell her to feck off, there are plenty other bridal shops in the country!
dec2008 Posts: 95
Thanks for that Maltabridesept08 I have an appointment in Kilkenny in 3 weeks and I am looking forward to that. The girls in that shop are so nice. That will make all the difference.
bagsbycarmel Posts: 82
Hi, :wv Bridal House, Chez Couture and Marchetti bride all closed last year! I agree with Maltabridesept08, Waterlilys in Dungarvan is a lovely shop and worth a visit!
bubbles09 Posts: 327
also agree waterlilys is a lovely shop to go to ... there's also phils frocks in dungarvan, small selection but very good prices & a great selection of bridemaids dresses dunno what side of waterford you're from but theres a new bridal shop in youghal, gorgeous shop, small selection again but fab dresses & each one a bit different ... anyway, i'm also still looking for THE ONE!!! have seen loads of dresses i like, getting them all confused at this stage, dunno how to pick want them all!!! :lvs :lvs
dec2008 Posts: 95
Will definitely go to Waterlily's - I don't mind traveling to any shops that are recommended to me so might even go as far as Yoghal. Thanks for the tips. Have any of you tried Jeutonic in Kilkenny? I have tried on bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding there - they have a huge selection.