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Mrs.Fairyface Posts: 60
Hi i have my bridesmaid dresses picked out there watter&watters, i haven't paid for them yet but i'm going to the bridal outlet in a couple of weeks to get my dress i was wondering do they do watter&watter bridesmaid dresses if so i could hold off buying them and get them there instead
teri Posts: 76
hi just wondering where is this Bridal outlet??? thanks teri
Mrs.Fairyface Posts: 60
Hi It's in Baldoyle, Dublin 13
Mokey Posts: 576
Not sure if they do Watters & Watters, I'm sure if you give the girl there a call, she'll be able to tell you straight away. I don't actually know what labels they stock - I was in such a hurry when I was there because I was on my lunchbreak, that I didn't think of looking at the labels or asking her what they stocked. I just tried on as many dresses as I could in the 45 minutes I was there and that was it! Teri, the Bridal Outlet is in Baldoyle Industrial Estate. Go into the estate, take the left at the t-junction and she's the last building on the right before the next t-junction. They're very good in there, extremely helpful and they tell you exactly what they think of the dresses when you try them on - so if they really don't think a particular dress suits you, they'll tell you which I think is really good cos you know they're not just trying to make a sale.
annieb Posts: 52
I was there today and couldnt believe how honest they were with me. Had the place to myself and tried on Id say most of the dresses. Fell in love with two but that was my first outing looking for a dress. But yeah very helpful, highly recommend them.
fitzy Posts: 54
Fairy Face, They don't do watters watters dresses, they get their dresses direct from the states. Great selection though, do those, raw silk destressed looking dresses for maids like the rembro dresses. Worth a try.
consbride Posts: 31
Hi Fitzy Don't suppose you know the name of the designer of these rembo-style BM dresses? Would love to see their website. thanks
Apple Posts: 161
Hi Girls, I have my own dress but am now in search of the BM dresses. Does this outlet have much selection for BM's or is it mainly Bridal Dresses? Thanks, F
marion12 Posts: 27
i got my bm dresses on - they are watters and watters dresses - 390 in the shop and 140 online - they arrived 2 weeks early and i'm delighted with them
Mrs.Fairyface Posts: 60
Hi Marion 12 My bridesmaids dresses are also watter & watters. I reckon I'm going to buy them from gownsales. Which one did you get? These are mine ... style=1253 There just plain and simple my sister is one of my bridesmaids she 12 ( she refused to be a flower girl) so i just went for something that wouldn't be to low cut on her.