Bridal party accomodation

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byrnecath Posts: 2
Hey everyone, Just wondering are people paying for their bridesmaids and groomsmen accommodation? I will be paying for dresses, shoes, jewellery, make-up, hair, tan and nails for the girls. Wouldn't have even thought of accommodation until someone mentioned the idea to me. I was bridesmaid once and accommodation wasn't paid. Thanks.
Sarahflower Posts: 36
I had 4 bridesmaids and initially hadnt planned on paying for their rooms but then a few people suggested i should. So we paid for a room for each of them. 2 of them were so grateful and next morning they came to me saying we shouldnt have paid it was too much etc. The other 2 bridesmaids never ever acknowledged that we even paid for the rooms for them. They never mentioned anything about the room. Not that i was looking for thanks but after the wedding i heard from another guest who had a superior room (which guest was paying for), that the 2 'ungrateful' bridesmaids had seen the superior room and said 'we're bridesmaids and even our room s arent this nice, we should have fancy rooms' After hearing that i was so annoyed that i wished we hadnt paid for anyones rooms. Felt it was a very ungrateful comment given they got a fab rooms for free. So in summary go with whatever you feel comfortable with, in hindsight i think we probably shouldnt have paid as all the 4 girls would have been staying anyway even if they werent bridesmaids. Maybe if the bridesmaids wudnt normally stay over at weddings then maybe comsider paying?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We paid for our bridal party, parents and siblings rooms - pretty sure no one realised as assumed it was included in our package! If I were ever to be a BM I'd expect it.
Hermia Posts: 56
Go with whatever you feel but I won't be paying for their accommodation. Like you, I'm paying for dress, shoes, make up, nails etc and I'll be giving them all small gifts. We're thinking of having a meal out with our bridal party a few months before the wedding as some of them haven't met (living abroad etc) so may pay for a few drinks for them but I wouldn't feel pressurised to pay for their rooms the night of the wedding.
Lorenna Posts: 57
I don't see why anyone should expect it, its not part of the deal of being a bridesmaid. Dress, shoes, makeup hair, alterations, nails, gifts, jewelry etc. yeah. It's all required and should be covered by the couple. If they were attending the wedding as a guest and were going to stay they would need to pay for the room anyway themselves, but unless you go away somewhere rooms aren't required and they can even just go home if they wanted. My bridesmaid is also going to be bridesmaid for a friend of ours in a few years, and they are going to Ibiza for the wedding. She isn't paying for the bridesmaids accommodation, we would all have to go anyway. I have zero interest in ever going to Ibiza, so I will probably only go for three days and leave. The bride is expecting everyone to stay for like a week and use it as their holiday for the year, but I wouldn't go somewhere like Portugal, Spain, etc. on holidays anyway I've no interest in sitting around all day on a beach or drinking. The bridesmaid is the same and only wants to go for three days. The bride is expecting her to go for a week or a week and a half. In that case yeah maybe the couple should be paying for accommodation if they are telling her she has to go for a week+ when she doesn't want to and would rather use her holiday to go somewhere she wants to go.
Noisin Posts: 448
My husband is grooms man for 2 weddings recently, both in different venues, both times we got a room paid by the bride and groom, we gave €150 extra in our present to cover it, but I assumed and got the impression from the couple it was covered in the deal they did with the hotel as I went ahead and booked a room as we didnt expect it then they told us they had a room booked for us. My cousin got married in same hotel I was bridesmaid but i paid for my own room. But maybe try and negotiate a few rooms in your package deal with the hotel. if you dont ask you wont get it.