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msbelle Posts: 726
has anyone bought this from wol?... i just noticed it today it looks good but i dont want to buy it and find out its not worth it O-O
mkb Posts: 1744
oh do mind if I piggy back on this, have always been tempted to buy it too.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
[quote:1tyfrpkx]oh do mind if I piggy back on this, have always been tempted to buy it too.[/quote:1tyfrpkx] + 1 :-8
msbelle Posts: 726
work away! i feel that im the most unorganised b2b here so this might help me :-8
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
I asked this a while ago and got mixed replys. Most said not to bother thoguh, the only thing they really used was the folder to keep their own stuff in! I'm still thinking of getting it. I need organisation too .. I'm a disaster! :wv
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
i have it, granted i bought it when money wasn't as tight!! i have been able to get discounts with some suppliers with the i do card, and hey every little helps! the folder is invaluable, esp for a person like me who has to have everything filed away neatly!! but then i suppose realistically, you could buy a little folder to do that, and with the big R, suppliers would prob drop their prices anyway... i would still prob have bought it though... when ever i see it, i get all weddingy!!!
mkb Posts: 1744
my h2b got me one of the bridal fan folders from m&s and the little book to match it. its really cute and pretty very girlie and I am a little afraid to us it and write in it and use it. silly i know
monkeybear Posts: 1926
I have to say its only worth it if you are booking one of the suppliers on Wol and are getting a discount with the card you get in the pack. otherwise I really wouldnt bother, the pen didnt work its full of leaflets and business cards that you can pick up at wedding fares or look up suppliers on here. I only bought it to get E100 off my band, If i go with a videographer on Wol ill also get 2 extra DVDs so my advice is dont bother unless you're getting a discount from a supplier
msbelle Posts: 726
THANKS MONKEYBEAR O-O think ill just stop off at the stationary shop and make up my own version :lvs
mrspants Posts: 4652
Total waste! I got discounts from 2 wol suppliers but i know i'd have got them anyway. Folder is shite too, you'd do better yourself.