Bridal Shop charging Consultation Fee!

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mshyland Posts: 76
I have just rung a Bridal shop in the Munster area to make an appointment and I have been told that they charge a €25 consultation fee. Also that I will receive a €50 voucher off any purchase I may make. TBH I'm speechless. Im new to all of this, so is this the norm. The appointment would be for a Saturday morning. Im wondering does this have something to do with it. Im confused!!!! :ooh
crazyinlove78 Posts: 933
I would be cancelling that app, the is it a €25 if ya don't show up or are they actually charging you to try on dresses if it is to try on i'd take my business elsewhere, thereare loads and loads of fab bridal shops,with NO consultation charge...seriously that is outrageous. HTH
zarajoy Posts: 23
Just wondering if this shop is in Cork??? I attended one there which normally charged a fee but as the day I chose to visit coincidentally was a sample sale day I didn't have to pay in the end. I personally don't agree with this and wouldn't pay it. So many shops have the same dresses so if you did some research you could see the same dresses elsewhere for free! That's just my cent worth! :-)
mshyland Posts: 76
@zarajoy. It is in Cork. And I will definitly be cancelling. @carzyinlove78 Im presuming the €25 is to try on the dresses. I will be cancelling, or alternatively Ill give them the €25 if they give it back to me when I have arrived for the app. Because Im presuming thats why they charge it, to avoid time wasters. Its madness TBH, and very bloody cheeky!
Chillaxed Posts: 583
not the norm!!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
That charge is just ridiculous, have heard about certain shops in Cork charging it....I wouldn't set foot in the place!
jenefer1 Posts: 10
I found that all the shops charged I only went to three that I knew had the most dresses in stock that would fit me to try on as well! Still had to pay 75E for the trying on though!
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
That's insane! I have been to 5 different stores and not been charged in any of them nor was it even suggested, the only way to show these stores how you feel about that sort of outrageous behaviour is to demonstrate with your feet and go somewhere else!!!
Wagtail79 Posts: 193
This started in Cork in January - we had this discussion: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=296171 I only went to shops that didn't charge, and cancelled appointments with ones that did. Some shops have stopped charging, based on the negative publicity they got.