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Photography by Michelle Posts: 156
Hi girls does anyone have any advice on Bridal shops in waterford. I have just made an appointment with all about EVE and she was so rude on the phone that I am going to cancell my appointment. But I need somewhere else to look. I have heard about the bridal house but I have no contact details. Any advice would be great Thanks in advance :ooh
mammybean Posts: 10364
Hi ya the one in all about eve is a dog but it is where most people get their stuff. There is another one called everything but the groom. My SIL is a size 12 at the most but yer one told her she could do with losing a few pounds!
Photography by Michelle Posts: 156
Oh my goodness !!!!! Well thats my decission made! Nobody that rude deserves business. Thank you for that
orchard Posts: 144
hi shellied, waterlily bridal in Dungarvan is very good.
Photography by Michelle Posts: 156
Hi girlas any more sugestions for waterford bridal shops Thanks
mammybean Posts: 10364
I am in waterford and cant think of any, but will ask around for you
congratulations Posts: 102
Hi shellied There are a few Bridal shops in Waterford (the Bridal House closed up during the year) they are: Chez Couture - the Quay, Everything but the Groom - Georgegs Street, Marchetti Brides - Barronstrand St., Maura's Fashions and Bridal Wear - The Quay. Then theres one in Carrick on Suir not far from Waterford called My Dress. I believe Marchetti have nice stock, I was in My Dress last year and they were very nice - I hope you have a better experience with all of these shops!!
???? Posts: 24
Yeah My Dress in Carrick is very good. Staff couldn't be nicer. Was in Waterford this morning and there's a bridal shop just around the corner from Boots (on the quay). there was no name over the door so I don't know if its new or what but there was two ladies inside unpacking dresses so either it is new or else it is being restocked. From what I could see they had a large range of dresses.
juliemoore Posts: 87
If you were willing to travel to Kilkenny there is a great bridal shop called Jeutonic on the Parade (just across from the castle). I was there last Saturday and the two ladies were lovely, I had a great time trying on Pronovais dresses.
mrs waterfordbride Posts: 3063
yeah i went into that shop and yer one was so rude that i walked right out again. the bridal house has closed down a few months ago. there is one on the quay beside s secruity call chez au couture and the dress are fabulous. its definetly worth a look. sorry about spelling. have half a bottle of red wine down me lol. :o0