Bridal Shopping in Carlow?

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daisybabe Posts: 767
I'll be up in the Carlow area tommoro and was looking for some bridal shop reccomendation please :wv
Verbena Posts: 80
Definately go to 'The Wedding Collection' on Kennedy Ave in middle of town I got my haircomb made there last week, they have everything.
NameChanger Posts: 61
there's a shop called Fairytale Moments. Looked in there, didn't buy but very helpful and friendly staff.
Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Hi Mrshtobe I went shopping in carlow and found fairytale mements brilliant, KAren in there is really really nice and her collection is lovely too. Was disappointed by the wedding collection only because all dresses were in small sizes and Im not size small! Also Arrive in Style has lovely dresses too. Didnt see anything I liked in Victorias bridal and didnt find the girl at all helpful but maybe i got her on a bad day. Out of them all i would recommend fairytale moments! Enjoy!!!
daisybabe Posts: 767
Thanks Ladies, I will check them all out :thnk