Bridal Shops Carlow?

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d\'wifey Posts: 166
Hi Girls..i posted this in Fashion an beauty but got no replies so just seeing would postin it here make difference, thanks Just wondering is there any good bridal shops in Carlow? I'm from wexford and have been to a few down here but i was thinkin of travelling to carlow in the next few wks to check out what ye have there! I've done some searches on google and nothing came up. So any Carlow Brides out there know wat the bridal boutiques are like?? Any info would be great... thanks
AllisonR Posts: 249
Not to sure about Carlow but there are two on Athy and one of those has a bit of a reputation so.... Sorry, not much help.
baby2010 Posts: 908
as far as I know there is 1 called Cinderella. i was in a bridal shop in Clonmel and the lady was telling me her sister has another shop in Carlow. If she's anything like the 1 in Clonmel she'll be fantastic.
Big Bride Posts: 37
Im not sure but when I was looking for my dress I looked in the shop in Carlow. (This is about 7 months ago). The name of the shop was gone from over the door so and I know it used to have Cinderella on it so I wondered whether the shop had been taken over by someone different. I had been to Cinderella in Clonmel and they had some lovely stuff bu as regards the stock that was in the shop Carlow at the time I certainly wouldn't have said that they were owned by similar parties. I thought the dresses in the shop in Carlow were very old in style and the samples were also very old. They seriously need to do the shop up as well.
WinterGal Posts: 835
Would you consider going to B Couture in Arklow, some fab dresses, although the women in the shop are most unaccomodating (and that's me being polite). Did you try Eden Bridal in Gorey and Marry Me in Wexford town? WinterGal *)
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi Bridetobee, Is there a particular dress your after? If you knew the designer name you could have a ring around first to make sure Carlow definitly stocks it before you go down?
eadaoin Posts: 38
My sister got her dress in Portlaoise, I went for a fitting with her as bridesmaid, and the lady there was lovely, really accomdating. can't remember name but around corner from train station. I'm sure it's in the book.
annebarron Posts: 18
My Mum has just retired and closed her wedding dress shop in Carlow. She still has some new and second-hand bridal dresses and bride-maid dresses that she'd like to sell. If anyone's interested, just call her at 059 9131431 for an appointment. There's some good bargains to be got! Cheers Anne
christmasbride08 Posts: 72
Got my dress in Fairytale Moments , the girls are lovely there. there's Victoria’s bridal . She has dresses in the window that are not on her web page. There is The Wedding Collection . There is also Arrive in Style 05991 65430 this used to be Cinderella. Can't really tell you much about them as they all opened in the last year'ish
CountryLass Posts: 370
I got my dress in Arrive in Style, the women in there are brilliant! The shop itself isn't much to look at but don't be put off by this, staff are great, very accomodating