Bridal shops - Open Sunday - Dublin/Surrounding Counties

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elizajane Posts: 631
HI wollies - does anyone know of any bridal shops that are opened on sundays in dublin or the surrounding counties Just looking for a head piece/comb and have searched today in the city and dundrum to no avail so figure its back to bridal shops WOuld love to get this ticked off my list this weekend Any suggestions greatly appreciated
wah Posts: 1414
being a bank holiday weekend i wouldnt imagine they will be many even if they are normally open on sundays
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Was having my dress fitting yesterday and the girl in the shop said they are normally closed on Saturdays of bank holidays as so many people go away. I would be very surprised if you find a bridal shop open tomorrow.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Like the other posters have said, I wouldn't think you'd find any bridal shops open tomorrow. What kind of headpiece were you looking for? If you wanted to describe it some of us might have seen something similar in high street stores.
elizajane Posts: 631
Something alongs these lines of but a little bigger/wider - have loads of curly hair and needs something quite substantial to be seen in it like this too ... 1ac9592ed4 and this ... 1ac9592ed4 I know i could order online but would rather have one in my hand and try it on before i spent that kind of money buying one online Thanks wollies