Urgh I am two weeks out from my wedding and the place where I bought my dress (vision in white in parramatta) ordered me the wrong size. It looked so awful! They were so rude and tried to tell me I had asked for that size - obviously not true. They then promised me they would alter it perfectly (at my expense, over $400 later...) and the next fitting would just be the hem. Went to what was supposed to be my final fitting and it is a completely different shape! The top has been made too small, the whole thing has wrinkles and folds... They then proceeded to tell me (very rudely) that this is what happens in second fittings blah blah, when the one before they said it would be pretty much done. They honestly were so rude! Not sure what to do about it now, as this late notice I can't order another one from anywhere else, but also I simply cannot afford to! Really shocked and saddened this has happened. Now people are telling me that a similar thing happened to them at this store! I never normally review, but this has turned into such a horrible experience :o(