Bridal Stores charging for appointment to view dresses?

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loveofmylife Posts: 254
Hi wollies, Just wondering if many of you have come across Bridal Stores charging a fee for an appointment to view the dresses??? I came across it recently with a Bridal store in Limerick wanting to charge €20 for an appointment to view Bridesmaids dresses O:| O:| I was quite annoyed by the charge and decided not to make an appointment with them and bring my business elsewhere!! Dresses are expensive enough as it is. They said that if I purchase a dress in their store it is redeemable however, not everyone is lucky enough to find the dress they are looking for in the first shop!!! I was lucky enough to have found my dress in the first shop, It was the first dresss I tried on but I still wanted to go to another shop just to be sure. I went back to the first shop to purchase my dress. I might not be lucky enough with my bridesmaids though O:| Have many of you come across this? If so, where was the shop located and what was the charge? Were you happy to pay the charge? Do you think that this is justifiable?? would love to hear your thoughts :thnk
MrsBC2b Posts: 205
>:o( I have never heard of this and certainly wouldn't dream of going to a shop that has a charge just to look at the dresses. Are they supplying anything other than the opportunity to view dresses? I am really taken back by this.
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I've heard of this before and I think it's ridiculous! I would rule out any shop that has such a charge, no way I'd walk in the door!
loveofmylife Posts: 254
No shop in question is not offering anything else as far as I know. I wanted to bring my bridesmaids and was told there was a charge of €20 (basically to enter the store) O:|
cannotwait25 Posts: 134
That is just pure stupid of them. never heard of any shops charging for viewings and I have been bridesmaid a few times. Would definitley put me off shopping there.
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
ya its been done for quite sometime in a few places in cork,they are charging up to 50e, which is then credited towards your dress if you are lucky enough to find the one! i heard a few reasons for it (1) its to put off time wasters and people just going trying on dresses for the laugh, but tbh who is really sad enough to spend the day doing this?? (2) to encourage people to buy the dresses off them rather than then go buy them off internet (where they are dramatically cheaper)
MissBid Posts: 587
I've heard of this and I think their theory is to stop a B2B coming in, loving a dress and then fecking off and buying it online. I don't think they thought it through though - sure a B2B won't set foot inside the door and instead will just take her business elsewhere, which is possibly losing them a lot more than 20 quid
flor Posts: 1621
Haven't heard of this at all. The nearest thing to it that i experienced was the charging of a no-show fee for a Saturday appointment where there has been no cancellation 24hours beforehand, which is slightly more understandable. But to charge just to get in to the shop...? Whoever thought of that is just a lost cause in business IMO.
Chillaxed Posts: 583
it came up here a few months ago but before that i had never heard of it. not right at all!
pinklady2 Posts: 402
Never experianced this myself. I do not think it is right at all,as customers we have a right to shop around and to decide where and when we buy. It puts undue prerssue on B2B . If this was the case all shops could do the same and charge people for trying on clothes. Shame on them I say.. >:o(