Bridal wrist corsage in lieu of bouquet, thoughts?

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Lutterworth Posts: 38
Hi ladies Recently saw my dress on another bride on Facebook (friend of a friend of a friend type thing). All the detail on the dress is on the waist (very simple shift-style full length dress) and I could see from the wedding pictures of the other bride that her bouquet hid the detail on the waist in the pics where she had the bouquet. I was discussing with my best friend (after serious facebook stalking and screenshots!!!) and she said why not have a wrist corsage rather than a bouquet which would show off the waist of the dress. I have never seen this in real-life and for once google isn't overly helpful. Has anyone ever seen this or any thoughts on it? I like the sound of it but then worried would people just look at me and go 'where's her bouquet??' Thanks!
Munstermolly Posts: 100
I understand where your coming from . My own dress was plain apart from the waist detail . I had the photographer take photos with and without my bouquet . In the photos with my bouquet the waist detail is covered , i had photos taken with both of us waving our arms in the air , some with my arm around his shoulder along with the bouquet , me along with bridesmaids looking into the distance with our hands blocking out the sun , so basically all these photos show the detail of the whole dress , i hope this makes sense . I would definatly talk to the photographer about getting all the dress in without the flowers .
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
When I hear of having no bouquet, it puts me in mind of the scene from Revenge the TV show when Emily Thorne was walking up the aisle her arm was swinging about & I thought it looked odd with nothing for her to carry up the aisle. I think if you had no bouquet it would be missed. my dress also had waist detail so the florist kept it very minimal and the photographer took lots of photos with me holding the bouquet down by side etc so the dress could be seen in full. I would think of that as an option rather than having nothing to hold at all.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Personally I would not go for a wrist corsage, makes me think of "high school prom" / debs style.
aileen Posts: 17
I think it's a lovely idea plus bouquets can be expensive but I'd have one concern! I was at a wedding last year where the bridesmaids had a small clutch instead of bouquets and the bride didn't carry anything....and unfortunately they looked awkward not really holding anything particularly the bride. I've read also brides find the bouquet helpful if they are nervous about walking the aisle at a slow pace as it gives them something to do with their hands!
Jenron Posts: 259
I had waist detail as well and just made sure that I had a small bouquet. Our photographer was great and took plenty of photos with my hand by my side and some without the flowers so all the waist detail can be seen in our photos. If you like the idea of the corsage, see how you'd look and feel with one whenever you get your dress. And have a think about what you'd do with your arms/hands when walking up the aisle as I think this would be when the bouquet would be most missed. Remember your only going to be carrying a bouquet for a few hours on the day so your dress will be on show for everyone to see how beautiful it is.
Lutterworth Posts: 38
Thanks everyone. Lots of good feedback there. Will give it some more thought.
Dolly83 Posts: 63
My friend had one, it was beautiful. Her BM's bouquet then carried the same flowers. PM me your number and i will sent you some pics. xx