bride & groom only wedding in ireland

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mrsshiv10 Posts: 1
Hi folks. new to all this. wondering if i could get some ideas on weddings in ireland or aran islands etc just for the bride and grrom, no guests. appreaciate any suggestions. thanks
wollysocks Posts: 1773
hi, not too sure exactly what you're after- I guess many hotels do civil ceremonies now so you could probably choose a really lovely one and have it there....and organise the solemnizer to conduct the ceremony-also you will need 2 witnesses to your marriage so whether you just then ask some staff in the hotel to be witness I guess that would be your only option if you are having no guests...For a civil ceremony it would have to be Mon-Fri and I imagine a lot of hotels might have big weddings on Thurs and Fri they might not be so happy to accomodate a wedding with just a bride and groom as it will be less money for them! so maybe you would be best to contact hotels you might like and see what is the situation...weddings are big money spinners for hotels usually so not sure how helpful they might be if you wanted a particular day...sorry I dont mean to sound negative...I think you should look about anyway- otherwise a church wedding- you could contact your parish priest or a registry of luck with it... :wv
Bellisima Posts: 3583
I actually just watched a wedding video last night that a videographer had sent to me. It was an american couple getting married in Waterford Castle. As far as I could tell it was just the two of them and two friends - they had travelled over for the wedding. I didnt see where exactly they got married cos it was just a short clip.
ott Posts: 3920
DH and I got married in a registry office with just our two witnesses there. We met our parents for lunch in Palmerstown House after the ceremony. We had our photos taken there too. We went home for 3 hours and then a group of 12 of us went for dinner in a restaurant (the Brown Bear in Two Mile House) that night. It was PERFECT for us - there might be some ideas for you there...