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I'm in two minds whether to make one. If you do,I reckon be a bit droll about the whole getting ready bit and walking down the aisle. Thank anyone who hasn't been thanked - eg your inlaws for welcoming you into the family. Don't try too hard - I was in 2 minds about a speech, but someone did say to me that the person everyone wants to hear from is the bride, and often you don't get around to every person so even a "thank you for coming" will be appreciated. Don't do what my (ex) friend did though.She found out before the wedding that one of her mothers relations worked on drafting the Irish constitiution, and proceeded to bang on in her speech about how lucky her husband was to be marrying into the family who wrote the Irish consititution.I kid you not - could I make that one up? :wink:
Wol-Aholic Posts: 349
Frankie Posts: 1571
I think my speech will mainly consist of handing out the flowers to the 2 mothers. Mentioning how I appreciate little miss allowing me to marry her daddy :wink: Then there are a few family anniversaries and birthdays around our date, including h2b as it will be his while we are on honeymoon so I'm going to arrange a surprise cake and have everyone sing for him & everyone else. Thats my lot.....
Bulmers Posts: 1281
[quote:2gy3eho8]OMG - no fear of a Constitution speech - scary stuff - my fear is boring people silly or that i will say something meaning it to be funny and someone will be offended[/quote:2gy3eho8] I don't think you will, unless the speeches have gone on for yonks already. Don't try too hard to be funny, I do think that if you give a brief synopsis of your feelings before walking up the aisle, or what was going going on in your house that morning that will be fine, and if entertaining so much the better.There is usually some wedding preparation anecdote you can come forth with -ie when we got engaged my little sister went "at last we can say we have a nice big brother" Best of luck!