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Daisyface Posts: 25
HI Ladies! For any of you who gave a speech & survived it! Do you have any top tips ?! Examples of things you said that went down well?! Thanks! :thnk
highbeam Posts: 2578
If you are thinking about doing one, go for it. Write it up in plenty of time and go over it, not to memorize it but to take the edge off as it can be quite emotional I got through mine with no tears and only a little wobble. Check with your h2b what is in his speech so you aren't repeating the same things. I basically thanked everyone for coming (hubby thanked those that had travelled home for the wedding), thanked the bridesmaids, thanked people who had given me a lot of help in the run up to the wedding- if anyone in particular helped you out with cakes, flowers, cars or anything like that etc. I mentioned my OH's family and had a bit of a joke with them which went down well. Thanked my family particularly my parents. And then had a bit about myself and my OH. Think it was about 6 minutes and I was delighted I did it. Only the bridal party knew I was doing a speech so I think I surprised a lot of people and it helped keep the pressure off.
McLisa Posts: 1815
i did one and i'm so glad i did, lots of the guests also said it was a lovely touch. We got married in spain so it meant an awful lot to us that everyone had travelled. I kept mine short and sweet and to the point. Firstly i thanked my three bridesmaids, two of which are my sisters, i thanked them for always being by my side, the other was my SIL who did our make up and i mentioned what a fab job she did. Next i thanked our two mothers as they are fantastic and at this point we gave them the gifts, i also thanked DH gran who is an amazing woman and played such an influential role in his life. We also gave a present to her at this stage. DH lived with his gran up until we got married so i mentioned that i was now ready to take over the reins and step up to the challenge of looking after him to which i presented him with a gift - a t-shirt saying under new management - it went down a treat with everyone. Next i said a little bit about how fantastic my DH is and how hard he worked to put the wedding on and how proud i was to call myself his wife and that i couldnt wait for our journey to really begin. Finally i wrapped it up and thanked everyone for travelling and that a wedding can happen anywhere at anytime but its only truely special when you have loved ones to share it with and for that we were immensely blessed. If your gonna do it i would suggest writing it out and reading it again and again, if your anything like me it'll be hard to say it without crying so i sort of desensitized myself to it, my voice still wavered a little when talking about DH but i didnt cry. Also if you have read it over and over again you'll know it so you'll only have to glance at the page for prompts and it'll seem more from the heart! I'd fully recommend it!
fixibelle Posts: 201
Whatever you do, don't wing it! I wish I'd sat down and done up a few bullet points to have to hand, as then I wouldn't have omitted to say to everyone how fab my hubby is :duh:
Daisyface Posts: 25
Girls - I'm getting goosebumps reading your comments - my instinct is to do one & this is convincing me to just go for it!!! Eek getting pen to paper is going to be the hard part for me! I've only 3 weeks to go...just keep putting it off!
Nostress Posts: 1606
I did one - and was given out to by everyone for making them cry :-8 I can pm you it if you like... not getting too soppy on here :o0 But I just mentioned about the start of our relationship, thanked my husband, thanked my parents for being an inspirational couple, thanked OH parents for accepting my weirdness and then made a couple of jokes to lighten the mood but it obviously didn't work!!! :innocent:
Inline - Algarve WP
Daisyface Posts: 25
Nostress - that sounds like a fab speech - I would reallllly appreciate that - thanks so much!!! :)
McLisa Posts: 1815
i'm sure i have a copy of mine floating around somewhere too if you want it?
Nostress Posts: 1606
Pms sent Good luck
scooby1983 Posts: 19
Oh wouldit book if I also got a copy?? Really in two minds, I feel I should but seriously nervous!