Bride speeches!! help

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belle bride Posts: 42
hi i really want to make a speech and seen a beautiful speech that a bride had posted up here i cant find it needless to say. if anyone feels like sharing there speech id love to read it and get ideas :thnk
fifi28 Posts: 481
the speech id say u mean is in wedding day reports about 3 rd page hope this helps !!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I can email you a copy of my speech if you want? Its nothing special now!!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Honestly I think the best speech is one that will come from you yourself as it will be personal. I didn't think my speech was anything special I just thanked my parents for always being there for me and my sister. I did the usual thanking the bridesmaids etc. I thanked my DH for marrying me and made a joke that I had thought he would have done a Jason Grimshaw (Corrie) and that he'd leg it out the toilets but alot of people told me afterwards it was lovely and one or two said it was the best of all the speechs. Say it from your heart and you'll be fine. You don't need anyone elses