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bride24 Posts: 3
From 24 June 2004 I am not good at writing, but I will try my best to describe our wedding day. It was all very hectic the day before with doing last minute shopping and collecting guests from the airport, but it all calmed down when we got to the church for our rehearsal at 8pm. It was a great idea that our priest Fr. Garvey had; to have the rehearsal the night before, as it was all so clear in our heads the next day and really made us relax because we knew that things would run smoothly. After the rehearsal we headed to the local hotel where most of the guests were staying. We had tea and sandwiches for everyone and it was great meeting guests that we hadn’t seen in ages as we both live in Germany and our family and friends live in Ireland, England and America. I said goodnight to my soon to be husband James at 11.45pm and went home with my friend Ivonne who was staying with me. She was such a great help to me the morning of the wedding. We walked home in the lashing rain, which had been continuous for the past two days. I really had accepted the fact that we would not get any nice outdoor photos the next day. I stayed up until nearly 2am-just pottering about and just as I was going to bed I remember to put out the Child of Prague, although I didn’t think there was much chance of an improvement on the weather front. So out I went in to the pouring rain in my dressing gown and placed the Child of Prague in the garden. I awoke the next morning at 6.30am with the sun shining in the window. I went up to the kitchen and looked out onto the bright green garden and was just delighted with myself! I went back to bed for an hour, but I couldn’t sleep. At 7.30am everyone was starting to rise in the house and I got into the shower, so that I would not be rushing for my hair appointment at 8.45am. I was totally relaxed going into the hairdressers as I had every confidence that Sharon would do a fabulous job on my hair like she did at the trial. Just over half an hour later my two sisters Ciara and Aoife (bridesmaids) arrived and I watched Sharon start on their hair and then I went home and had some tea and toast. At 9.45am Louise the make-up artist from Colour Me Beautiful arrived. I had booked Louise last year after I won a competition through WeddingsOnline for a makeover. She came in on her holidays to do the makeover for me and I was so delighted with the result that I was definitely booking her for my big day. My future mother in law arrived about 10 minutes later to get her make-up done and she looked stunning when she was done. After that my three bridesmaids got their faces painted and I just relaxed drinking tea until it was my turn to get my make-up done. Louise had left plenty of time to work her wonder on me! One little hiccup we had was when James’ sister Julie came up to me in her bridesmaid dress and the bust was way too big on her. This was under an hour before the wedding and all I could say was ‘ring Mary (Mam’s best friend and a brilliant dressmaker) and tell her it’s an emergency’. A half an hour later Julie arrived back looking fabulous in her perfectly fitting dress-Thank God! Then while I was still sitting in the make-up chair Antonia the videographer and Andrea the photographer arrived and were as quiet as mice while still doing their jobs. It was about 1am at this stage and I decided I better get a move on since I had promised James and Fr. Garvey that I would only be 5 minutes late. When the girls had finally gotten me into my 10 layer tulle dress Antonia came in and had a lovely idea that I could say a little something to James for him to see on the video-that was a really nice touch I thought although I probably came across as mad nervous in it. It was then 1.30pm so I made my way up to the sitting room and I could hear Andrea telling us all to hurry as it was going to start raining again-we had a light shower and hour earlier, but it had passed and it was just a drizzle this time thank God. It was fairly windy I remember, not the kind of June weather I had planned on, but it is Ireland! So we were all standing outside the house for photos and my Uncle Pat poured us champagne. The poor man could hardly stand as he had burnt his foot a week earlier with boiling water. He was our chauffer for the day in his glamorous black Mercedes. Everyone headed to the church and then myself, Dad and Pat followed. The first thing I noticed about the church when I got into the porch was that it was absolutely packed to the back rows, which made me so happy. Andrea got some lovely photos of Dad and I there and then after the girls arranged my train the music started. As soon as I heard the Perry String Quartet my eyes welled up and I was so nervous. I remember Dad asking me if I was ok and telling me to just enjoy myself. After Ciara, my Chief bridesmaid made it to the alter Dad and I started walking down the aisle. It was amazing seeing all the friendly faces. I tried to look at as many as I could and couldn’t help smiling. I think I held that smile the whole day long. When we got to the top James turned around and Dad gave me a kiss and then shook James’ hand. I was really crying then as it was all so overwhelming. James took my hand and then we were welcomed by Fr. Garvey who made a funny joke about me keeping my promise of being 5 minutes late. (I found out the next day that I was actually 25 minutes late-I nearly died!) That really calmed me down and made us all relax. We then went up to light the two candles beside our marriage candle and I couldn’t light mine for ages as my hand was so shaky. The ceremony was so beautiful and totally surpassed my expectations. Fr. Garvey gave a lovely sermon and made the whole congregation laugh with references to when we were teenagers and how we would laugh if anybody told us that we would end up married to eachother; James is from Texas and I’m Irish, so what were the chances of us even meeting never mind marrying. He also had us laughing over the vows as James couldn’t remember his the night before. It was so nice when we said our ‘I do’s’ and exchanged rings. Before we knew it the mass had ended and we were signing the registry. It was a really happy feeling walking down the aisle together. It was a great idea to greet everyone outside the church as we would never get a chance to talk to everyone at the reception. We got some more nice photos outside the church and down by the Shannon and then we headed to the reception. We got a lovely welcome at the Hodson Bay Hotel where we were greeted with champagne and very friendly managers. I have to say that I never imagined that any staff could be so helpful and organised. The General Manager Timothy, along with the other managers Stephen and Ronan simply could not have done a more outstanding job. Anytime I turned to ask a question or mention something I had forgotten, one of them was always nearby and had already taken care of anything that I had forgotten. The food was delicious and plentiful and the waiting staff was so friendly and efficient. We also got some fabulous photos in the gardens and by the shore. After the meal had ended nearly all the males had congregated in the bar to watch the penalties of the England match. I don’t even know who they were playing, but it didn’t bother me as I was having a great time chatting to all the non-football fans! The Busy Fingers Band had to wait to start until the penalties were over and I was a bit concerned that the DJ wouldn’t have enough time to play, but the band manager Mel Crowe had already talked to the DJ and sorted out the times so all I had to do was enjoy myself. When everyone had returned to the ballroom we were called in for our first dance which I have to say that apart from the ceremony was the highlight of my day. We danced to Lonestar ‘Amazed’ and it felt like there was just the two of us in the room. Towards the end of the song our bridesmaids and groomsmen started dancing and we stayed on the floor for another song and then we started to mingle. Another thing that delighted me was that from the first song the dance floor was completely packed the whole night through. James doesn’t like to dance at all so I went around dancing with my cousins and friends and then just before the band were finishing they had everyone form a tunnel for myself and James to run through. This was great fun and I managed to find my Mam half way through and give her a pinch! DJ Mel set up in superfast time and had everyone out getting jiggy in no time. The night just went by so fast and it seemed like no time before we were heading to bed. It was about 3.30am. Somebody had let it out that there was a party in room 310, so about 5 minutes after we got to the room and were trying to get all the hairclips out of my head there was a knock at the door. It was a few of my cousins and friends so I was like the more the merrier! They only stayed for about 10 minutes and then after chatting some more in the hall we retired while the sun was coming up. We got a call at 10am from reception to see if we wanted breakfast delivered, which was another lovely touch. The breakfast was delicious and most welcomed. James’ 10 year old brother Sean came and had a cup of tea with us, which was cute. We finally got showered and went outside to our family and friends who were not in the best shape but were nonetheless in great spirits. The sun was shining down on us and the Hodson Bay looked beautiful. My Mam, Dad and my aunts Josephine, Brid and Helen and Uncle Josie made a BBQ for a lot of the guests who stayed around that evening back at my parent’s house. It was nice and relaxing. My Dad did a few funny recitations and then sang along to my Uncle Josie on the boudhran. A great time was had by all. I have already posted the link to my photos, but here it is again for anyone who missed it. Email address: [email protected] Password: wedding
Sin Posts: 49
Well done bride 24.....sounds like a fantastic day. Congrats!
AGuest Posts: 1262
WOW! Fantastic report. Sounds like the day was amazing. The photos are really looked stunning! fabulous dress and I love your flowers too!! :D
Mrs VM Posts: 189
Well done Lisa, YOU'RE MY WEDDING TWIN! Mad to think we were both doing the same thing on the same day last year.... Can't believe it's nearly 1st anniversary time already!