Bridemaid Dress as Wedding dress??

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mmccart Posts: 87
Dear All I am getting married in rome in july 2007. I saw a bridemaid dress in wine and cream that I loved and AND ONLY 450 EURO, it is maid marrion style.We are having a small wedding (just close family). I talked to church and the colour is no problem? What do you think, ever seen any wine brides?
lalalala Posts: 224
I havent seen any wine brides, but I did try on a wine and cream bridesmaid dress myself (to wear as bridal dress) and I loved it. I think because you are going away, you can be a little bit different with your dress. I say go for it.
B2B-May Posts: 320
A friend of mine got married in a wine & cream dress. She had it made and it was very old-style / maid Marian type dress and it was gorgeous. Having not found my own dress yet ( :weep), I feel that if you've found something you love then you should go for it... :compress
mammybean Posts: 10364
you can wear whatever you want. i found a dress with read and white but people areturning up their noses at it. wouldnt you know. But if you feel it is the dress for you then by all means grab it
River Posts: 845
The dress you have in mind sounds gorgeous. Any pics? My friend got married in Rome last year and wore a champagne coloured bridesmaid dress and it was perfect.
glittergirlrachel Posts: 279
My wedding dress was ivory with a deep red bodice it was the one for me and I just didn't look right in any of the plain white/ivory ones
mad woman Posts: 22106
sounds like the "one" to me, go for it! because if you dont you will regret it.
Bubbles06 Posts: 101
Go for it! Sounds gorgeous
mmccart Posts: 87
Thanks for all your advice, I just put a deposit down on the dress today. I am very happy, it is very light and will be great for rome. I do not have any pictures, will fterwards.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Sounds lovely!! Go for whatever you want to wear!! I remember being at a wedding and the brides dress was a huge black ball gown. There's no rule that says it has to be X colour!! Go for it!!